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Stacking iGaming Promotions: Making the Most of Your Play

Draft Kings table games leaderboard
Written by Joshua

I’ve written in the past about being observant about the various promotions physical casinos are running, and how timing of which day you visit a casino can impact the value of the perks available for your visit. This is especially true when offers can be stacked, because multiple offers are available concurrently.

In my initial experiences with the online casinos in Connecticut, this too can be the case. While it’s important to be sure you opt in to the promotions you wish to pursue, you can opt in to more than one promotion at the same time. This means you can work towards multiple promotions at once.

This is particularly the case for Draft Kings, who is Foxwoods’ partner. They’ve consistently been running promotions that overlap each other.

The day I write this, there is a table games leaderboard promotion running, where you earn points for every dollar you wager on table games. But concurrently to that was a promotion that if you wager $50 on a table game, you’ll get $5 in free credits (their form of free play), and of course those wagers counted towards the leaderboard.

I have a personal offer right now on a much higher volume of table games to get a free bet package, but my play towards the leaderboard also works towards that package as long as I play the right table game. I’m sure this is all intentional to encourage more betting, but like any promotions you’ll need to decide what makes sense; there have been some promotions that are within my comfort zone for bets and play, and others where it’s not so much.

Twice I’ve had free play offers that overlap one another, basically giving me a lot more free play because instead of earning it for one promotion, I was working towards two. One came through the app, the other through email, so another important tip is to watch every channel for promotional items.

For instance, on Draft Kings, there’s missions for the online gaming that will show up in the app, but do not seem to have a place to be checked/opted in on the desktop computer version.

Missions vary widely in size and scope; the one I had today asked for 15 $5+ spins on slots to get $10 in DK Cash; I had enough bankroll in the account and figured what the heck, so I did it and managed a taxable win in the process; of course I could’ve just as easily lost $75 for $10, although you can certainly select lower volatility games to improve your chances.

But like the other offers, missions can be played concurrently with other leaderboards and so on to attempt to complete other offers too.

This does seem to be more of a thing with Draft Kings vs. Fan Duel, Mohegan Sun’s partner. Fan Duel seems to lean more on a daily offering combined with a weekly one. For instance, each week they have a game that each day you do $50 in spins, you get $5.

They then also have a second promotion, which changes daily and runs throughout the month, which can consist of progressive play offers (as you meet milestones your prize increases), other “play x, get y” offers, loss rebates on specific games or deposit bonuses. So the stacking element doesn’t seem as much in play, and because I’ve been favoring Draft Kings so far I also expect what might be other types of offers for play aren’t going to be coming nearly as frequently because my coin-in there is going to be lower.

In any event, I hope my experiences help you as you begin to navigate this as I have begun to do so; if you missed my previous write-up on iGaming, check it out and share your thoughts below if you’ve given it a try!

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