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Stacking Offers: Making the Most of a Visit

Mohegan Sun multiplier offers
Written by Joshua

If you’ve put in some play at a casino, offers will tend to follow. Casino offers are pretty carefully designed, segmented based on the type of player and amount of play you do, and are set up to encourage a repeat visit.

On certain occasions, offers can stack on top of each other, or be layered in ways where things can be leveraged together. Sometimes it can make sense to time a trip based on when these scenarios occur. I’m including examples here to help illustrate things, but I’m sure if you look closely enough at what you’re casino’s doing you can make it work together.

Free Play Offer Plus Free Play Kiosk Promotion

This one is happening a lot right now at MGM Springfield, although this has happened to me in Atlantic City once or twice.

Your normal casino offer will list free play as part of the normal free play calendar, but then it also promotes a kiosk game that can award free play on the same day. This effectively lets you claim two buckets of free play in one shot, and allows you to have more than if you just were to go on a day where you only had your standard free play.

Most often these are weekday promotions, which would make sense – it will take more to get someone to come out on a random weeknight than a weekend.

Point Multiplier Plus Other Offers

In Connecticut this doesn’t tend to happen as often, with an exception I’ll mention next, but MGM Springfield does this as well – you can get your regular offer, and also qualify for a point multiplier on the same day.

Your free play, once converted to cash, can help earn more points, so this is definitely one of those times where being less risky with free play can garner an additional benefit.

Achievements, Choice Credits Plus Other Offers

Some casinos, such as Mohegan Sun, award achievement bonuses based on the number of total tier points you earn, or earning enough to meet your personal goal for the day.

You can combine those with your normal offers. If you have Choice Credits and are at least Leap level, you can convert those into free play as well, effectively giving you three buckets to draw from. And if you win free play on the kiosk game… well, you get the idea.

This also works on days where there’s gifts, leading to…

Gifts and Other Offers

On occasion, you may find that you can claim a gift on the same day you can claim free play or other offers. Most of the time casinos will hollow out most other offers on gift days, but that isn’t necessarily the case every time (looking at you again, MGM Springfield), so it’s a matter of figuring out what works out best.

Pick Your Days Wisely

It can be easy to just go to the casino when you want to, but maximizing comps means sometimes targeting which days you choose to visit to get the most of your play. As I always say, you shouldn’t just play for comps, but you can be strategic about when you play to get the best or most comps.

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