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The Benefits of Having At Least One Higher Tier Card

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Casino players are generally familiar with the fact that casino players programs have tiers. If you’re not an upper tier cardholder, you may wonder why there’s an allure or benefit to having it.

To help illustrate the depth in which such a card can work for players, here’s some key benefits upper tier cards can offer, which can derive concrete value once achieved.

I should note upfront that players should never play for perks, but thanks to various scenarios out there, getting a higher tier card doesn’t have to be a massive investment, and once you have it, it can be quite easy to maintain.

The Perks of the Card Itself

By having a higher tier status, you tend to get benefits out of the gate from the card itself. Example of this can be:

Many of these can have a concrete monetary value to a player, so it can be easy to understand the actual value you’re deriving from this. And this doesn’t even incorporate things that are a bit nicer just from a speed standpoint like line-cutting privileges at certain venues, VIP hotel check-in, and so on.

Tier Matching Other Casinos

Casinos will often times run tier matching promotions, which allow you to get a higher tier card from another casino just for showing up and showing your card. Some will do this for new players only; some will do this for all players.

And for having this tier matching opportunity, you then become available for the various perks that are part of the tier program.

New Player Incentives

Some casinos will give additional incentives to players with higher tier cards to come in and sign up, above and beyond any sort of tier match. For example, on an upcoming trip, I’ll be able to take my Caesars Diamond card and show it for $150 in free play just for visiting and signing up.

When Hard Rock in Atlantic City first opened up, I similarly got $150 in free play, along with some show tickets, food comps and room nights, just for showing my Diamond card, which got me going until my earned comps showed up. When I first visited Borgata, my showing another card gave me free bets at a table.

Tier Matching for Hotel Programs

As noted in my previous write-up on relationships between hotel chains and casino companies, there are pre-existing relationships between some of the casinos and hotel chains like Wyndham and Hyatt. You can tier match and get perks for being a higher tier at those companies for having a higher level player’s card.

Having those, in turn, could unlock other sorts of matches on the travel program side, even more value just for having a higher casino tier.

So as you can see, a tier at a casino can make a difference, and through matches, promotions and the perks of each casino itself, you can accumulate a lot of value.

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