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Tropicana Atlantic City Tier Program Adjustments Due to COVID-19

Tropicana Atlantic City
Written by Joshua

Tropicana Atlantic City sent out an email last night (as of this writing) announcing their tier changes due to the COVID-19 casino closures. Tropicana Atlantic City is owned by Eldorado, which is in the process of acquiring Caesars Entertainment. Sp it might not be surprising to learn many of their announced changes follow closely with what Caesars Rewards has announced.

Let’s go through each of the changes in turn, and what that means for you as a player.

Tier Earnings Changes for 2020

Like Caesars Rewards, Tropicana has lowered the earnings targets to level up in 2020. The numbers were cut by 20 percent, just like Caesars:

  • Copper: 3,200 Tier Points (was 4,000 Tier Points)
  • Gold: 16,000 Tier Points (was 20,000 Tier Points)
  • Platinum: 80,000 Tier Points (was 100,000 Tier Points)
  • Black: 360,000 Tier Points (was 450,000 Tier Points)

The 20 percent reduction is about right for how long the casinos were closed, presuming players play at the same level for the rest of the year, far from guaranteed. However, it certainly makes targets more achievable.

Tier Status Extension

Those who earned a tier status for 2020 will also see their status extended throughout 2021, also like Caesars Rewards. But for players who have not achieved a higher tier, they now have a lower target to hit, per the above.

So for players who decide to avoid the casino in 2020, they can still count on their status to be there for 2021.

Comp Dollar Expiration Extended

Comp dollars and Trop dollars are seeing their expiration extended to at least September 1, 2020. Comp dollars normally expire after 6 months of inactivity, and Trop dollars after 3 months. These extensions will help take into account the lost time due to the COVID-19 casino shutdowns.

Post-Merger Details to be Seen

With the announcement that Bally’s Atlantic City has been sold, that would leave two Caesars Rewards properties upon the sale’s completion. However, Eldorado has said they plan on keeping the Caesars Rewards program upon completion of the acquisition.

It would therefore make sense to see Tropicana convert over to Caesars Rewards at some point; what remains to be seen is how long it takes to combine these systems. Eldorado to this point has not merged many of the various card programs across their acquired portfolio of casinos, and these projects usually take awhile regardless.


Tropicana Atlantic City players are getting similar treatment to Caesars players, which makes perfect sense given the in-progress acquisition. Players who have earned a status and want to keep away from casinos for a bit can be comforted in knowing their status will be waiting for them next year as well.

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