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Understanding the Celebrity Cruises Blue Chip Casino Club Program

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Written by Joshua

Previously I wrote about Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale casino program and how it works. Its sister cruise line, Celebrity Cruises, has its own casino program, the Blue Chip Casino Club. How does it differ from Royal Caribbean?

In structure, they’re pretty close. In the case of the Blue Chip Casino Club, there’s six different tiers:

  • Pearl: New members start here.
  • Onyx: 2,500+ points
  • Amethyst: 25,000+ points
  • Sapphire: 100,000+ points
  • SapphirePlus: 500,000+ points
  • Ruby: 1,000,000+ points

Players earn one point per $1 on slots and point per $2 on video poker. Redeemable tier points are earned every $5 on slots and $10 on video poker.

Once you go through the math, for the most part the tiers are similar to Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale. However, there are a few key differences.

First off, at the Onyx level, you get waived transaction fees in the casino. This requires PRIME at Royal Caribbean, similar to the Amethyst level for Celebrity Cruises.

Second, at the Amethyst level you begin to qualify for guaranteed free play, based on your tier:

  • Amethyst level guests, the greater of $100 or 5% of the previous sailing’s gaming activity
  • Sapphire level guests, the greater of $500 or 10% of the previous sailing’s gaming activity
  • Ruby level guests, the greater of $2,500 or 15% of the previous sailing’s gaming activity

At the Amethyst level you still get a free cruise for reaching a tier, just like Royal, but you also get an unlimited photo package. At the Sapphire level you qualify for a drink package as well.

So you actually end up getting a bit more, although if you play on one vs. another many of the perks will seem similar. You can visit the Celebrity Cruises website to see all of the perks and benefits.

One last thing – it appears the tier year is a bit longer than a year, if the website is communicating what it’s implying. So you may have a bit more time to level up and enjoy additional perks.

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  • I just reached Amethyst, but nobody there is able to give me any information about how and when the Freeplay will be deposited (I assume automatically on day 1), how to redeem the photo package and what kind of free cruise (duration/cabin class) is available. It also really annoys me that BCC doesn’t have ANY online account whatsoever to keep track of activity. They don’t even send emails or notify you of a changed tier level. This is the most frustrating casino program I’ve ever dealt with.

    • Hey Stefan, I’m awfully sorry to hear of the troubles. Cruise lines in many cases do seem to be behind the technological curve when it comes to these things, and it’s a bit surprising when it comes to Celebrity given they have a sister line that has it under control most of the time. I hope these questions get worked out for you quickly!

    • I understood that “gaming activity” meant the amount you played in the casino. Casino host on the Equinox (onboard now) said gaming activity means your losses, so at Amethyst level you get 5% of what you lost on the previous cruise. Disappointing!

      • Hey Paul, it makes sense that it’s based on losses, given the top tier gets 15% back. If they did it based on wagers they’d probably in many cases give out more than they take in, making it a perk they simply couldn’t afford to offer. It’s nice they offer it at all!

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