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Less Lines, More Volatility: Stinkin’ Rich by IGT

Stinkin' Rich by IGT bonus trigger
Written by Joshua

Stinkin’ Rich is an example of a game that traditionally gives you some control that’s not as likely to find nowadays. It is a 100 line game, but you have on most versions the ability to choose how many of the 100 lines you wish to play.

Because of this unusual quirk, some players choose to play less lines and higher bets, which increases the volatility over the same bet at 100 lines, but when you do hit a good line hit it pays a lot more.

If you don’t up your bet, less lines will by virtue of the bet reduces the per spin cost, which can help slow down the money spend, letting you last longer until you get those better hits.

Another fun quirk of the game is that you trigger the bonus by lining up three bonus symbols on a payline. Since there’s so many lines, three bonus symbols can bring a number of matching lines, with five free spins issued for each line that matches up.

Stinkin' Rich by IGT bonus round

If you bet less lines, you’ll get less free spins because not all the lines are active, but you get all 100 lines active in the bonus regardless of how many lines were active in the base game. So you get a better chance at a big win thanks to the full 100 lines in play.

Of course, your chances of winning are lowered because the spin count is lower with less lines active, but it still offers an interesting wrinkle for those who want to take a swing for the fences and try to get a bonus with a lower bet.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • While many Stinkin’ Rich machines let you pick line counts, not all do – I’ve encountered one here or there with the line option disabled.
  • Stinkin’ Rich has clones, like Bombay, which work the same way, and may or may not have this feature disabled as well. During my visits earlier this year to Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, Stinkin’ Rich had the line setting active, while its Bombay machines did not.

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