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Winning Cash and Prizes Outside the Casino

Mohegan Sun holiday contest
Written by Joshua

If you like to gamble, you are likely someone who likes to win. Who doesn’t, right? And if you enjoy visiting a casino regularly, that means you’re highly likely to enjoy at least some of the amenities that a casino has to offer, such as restaurants, hotels, spas, and shopping, among other options.

One of my regular readers noted that many players fail to pay attention to the various drawings and opportunities to win that take place outside the casino’s walls. I must admit that I’m inconsistent myself about it, but here and there I’ll take a look also.

Those drawings represent an additional opportunity to win… something. That something could be anything from show tickets to a gift card, but if you were already going to spend money or pay a visit, why not have something more you can take advantage of?

Just about every casino takes advantage of this in some form; as I write this entries are open for an Atlantic City ongoing drawing that features a different getaway package each week. There are people who make a career out of registering for drawings and raffles with the hope that high volume and potentially low entry level, meaning good odds to win some prizes.

Mohegan Sun contest winner

My local casinos routinely do all sorts of drawings and entries as well; I recently participated in one where Mohegan Sun was offering a $500 gift card as part of a social media promotion to submit a photo and details around holiday traditions, and my entry was selected!

With a casino trip planned near the end of the year with an overnight stay component, it was a great prize to be able to win as it will just provide additional resources for what was already going to be a nice, relaxing trip. And with the ability to use it for dining, shopping and hotel, that’s quite flexible spending.

If you want to maximize your opportunities, it’s worth following the casinos you frequent on social media, subscribe to text notifications, and so on to ensure you’re aware when contests are available to enter. You could find yourself a winner without stepping foot inside a casino.

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