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777 Double Jackpot: 5 Lines, More Chances to Win Big

777 Double Jackpot by Bally logo
Written by Joshua

Many of the mechanical reel slots I’ve shared on the site are single line affairs, where if it doesn’t line up on the middle where the single line is, you don’t win. This limits the combinations of things that can happen, including the ability for false wins to at least give you a little something of your bet back.

That is not the case with 777 Double Jackpot, which instead of additional credits bumping up the pays, you get 5 paylines with 5 credits, spreading the pays out amongst more ways to win.

At a quarter denomination, it’s a super-accessible $1.25 a spin on a game like this. Dollars jumps to $5, definitely putting it out of reach for some, but many times nowadays penny players will do $5 bets, so it may not be out of reach for some players even at that denomination.

777 Double Jackpot by Bally pay table

Like other mechanical reel slots, the game’s pay table still rewards max betting, as you can’t qualify for the progressive on the 5th line without betting all five lines. This setup has flat payouts for each coin, except for that 5th coin, which goes from 2000 quarters ($500) to a much more lucrative progressive, so playing the max coins is definitely recommended.

777 Double Jackpot by Bally winning line hit

The game pays 2 credits for any three symbols, which sets up the possibility for two lines paying 2 credits, and giving back 4 credits for a 5 credit wager. While not a win, it helps keep you in the game so you can reach some bigger payouts.

Add to that the ability to get Double Jackpot symbols, which are wild and double a line pay (with 4x for two of them on a winning combination), and you’ve got a game with some pretty strong potential.

All the pays are worked out in the line hits – there are no free games or features to speak up, so you can get some pretty good stuff right in the line hits. And it’s a pretty straightforward game – the pays are all on the glass, so there’s not a whole lot to figure out.

777 Double Jackpot Slot Videos

Brian Christopher played it in an old video:

Slot Hopper had a good run on the game, starting at 5:33 in this video:

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