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Ainsworth’s Grand Legacy Offers Multi-Progressive Wins in Familiar Format

Grand Legacy by Ainsworth in showroom
Written by Joshua

Ainsworth continues to work on games that take advantage of the classic three-reel format. Recently I visited the Ainsworth showroom and checked out Grand Legacy, a new game that carries forward some traditions found on three reel slots, while also adding a few new wrinkles that players will enjoy.

I do a quick walkthrough of the game in this video below:

The 9-line game features traditional slot symbols like bars and 7s, which pay mixed. The game also has multiple wilds, which similar to other games in this format can pay progressives when three align on a payline.

Mixed wild colors pay the lowest progressive, and three matching colors pay bigger ones. Multiple progressives are therefore available, based on what ultimately matches up.

The top progressive pays out when the top wild symbol matches up across lines 5-9; this is a structure that is familiar to Ainsworth players, and rewards max line players by giving them more chances to win that top prize when they play all the lines.

The wrinkle on this game is the introduction of a stack of wilds on the middle reel. This means you can line up three wilds on multiple lines on a single spin, and that means you’ll win multiple progressives.

This, along with the multipliers on the symbols, really ups the ability to win big; of course this also will increase the volatility.

The game has a sister game, Royal Legacy, with similar features. Both are designed to be high denomination games, and multi-denomination games, so these are likely destined for the high limit room.

They also appear on a new cabinet for Ainsworth, designed for sit down play that is comfortable for players.

Both games are headed out to casinos, so keep an eye for them in your local casino!

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