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Big Vegas: A Fun, Lower Volatility Bally Classic

Big Vegas by Bally top box
Written by Joshua

Big Vegas is a classic Bally slot that features a number of fun aspects that makes for a good game – you can get some solid hits, although it’s essentially a lower volatility slot machine, it has a fun mechanism for issuing wilds, and it has a bonus round with potential.

The game features a 40 credit bet with a 5×4 reel set and 40 lines. During the base game, if a roulette wheel symbol appears on reels 2 and/or 4, the wheel will spin and whatever direction the arrow is pointing, wilds will appear until it hits the edge of the reel set. (If the arrow points in a direction where no more spaces go, no other wilds are added.) Then the roulette wheel space itself turns wild.

Getting both of these on a single spin can lead to a lot of wilds added (or none), making for a fun variable that can lead to some good pays.

If a Free Spins Lounge symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, a 5 free spins bonus round initiates. The roulette wheel symbol shifts to land on only reel 3, and can point left/right, or diagonally, but not up/down, meaning reel 3 is always symbols. Any symbols added by the roulette wheel (other than itself) become locking wilds for the remainder of the bonus.

Get enough roulette wheels pointing in the right directions during the bonus and the pays can be great.

Like many Bally games, it can tease with two bonus symbols, and a lot of near misses result, but it’s a fun game with a cool mechanic for adding wilds and lining up some good pays. The line hit pays are solid, so you don’t have to do a lot of work to get a decent payback.

The SG Gaming website (parent company of Bally’s) lists an overall hit frequency for the game of 39.62%, or nearly 2 in 5 spins offering some sort of a payout; the game has a top payout of 300 credits times the line bet times the denomination, a low top payout. Both of these strongly point to a low volatility and such are games for those looking for good entertainment value without large swings.

Watch and Learn

Check out this video from RandomSlots showing the game in action, including a bonus:

And here’s a video from TheBigPayback:

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