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Birthday Free Play in Las Vegas

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Written by Joshua

Sometimes, comps are earned on the back of your casino play. Other times, you can get free play and Advantage Play opportunities just from buying a coupon book or membership. Other times, playing an app can unlock comps. But how about free play for living another year?

Many casinos will have promos that celebrate your birthday. My favorite home casino sent me a food offer, and then when I started playing slots a bonus voucher offering me $10 in additional comps printed out.

But like many things, Las Vegas is a more competitive space, and so more offers tend to exist there than anywhere. Here are some freebies you can qualify for just for being your birthday (or thereabouts), with nearly $100 in free play available for a pretty basic reason:

Mlife: Three Shots at Free Play

The MGM-owned group of properties have a quasi-lenient and similar set of opportunities across three of their casinos.

  • At Park MGM, you can get $25 free play as long as it’s your month of birth.
  • At Luxor, you can get $20 in free play if it’s within seven days of your birthday, either before or after.
  • Excalibur has the same deal as Luxor: $20 in free play if it’s within seven days, before or after, of your birthday.

So right there you can potentially claim $65 in free play just because of the time of year you were born. There’s nothing else have to do other than to visit the Mlife desk to claim!

The nice thing about these three being the three is Luxor and Excalibur are connected by a walkway, and Park MGM is pretty close to Excalibur, being on the other side of New York-New York.

A Free Play Wynn-Win

The Wynn isn’t known for giving out a lot of freebies, but if you happen to visit the Red Card desk on your birthday, you can get yourself $10 in free slot play. It’s not exactly an amount to go chasing but if you’re in that general area, getting $10 for free to play with doesn’t hurt at all.

Off Strip Free Play On Demand at Ellis Island

Ellis Island offers a similar deal to the Wynn – show up on your birthday and you can get yourself $10 in free play from them as well. Like the Wynn, it may not be worth a special trip just to claim it, but if you have time and/or are nearby, it could be a nice bonus to pick up.

Sahara Will Give You… Something

Sahara has a birthday bonus offer listed on their website. Stop by during your birthday month and you could get something free. What that is, they won’t tell you… so I can’t advise on whether there’s anything of true value there. But they do list free play as one possibility. If you have time to stop in, since you have the entire month of your birth date to check in, it might be worth it just to see if you luck out.

It’s important to note these free play offers aren’t ones that have to be earned or do anything other than show up to the players club desk. If you have built up offers at casinos, they may have other things in mind that fall outside the basic playbook seen above. But for those who don’t, or just want a something a bit extra, it’s nice to know these offers exist!

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