Caesars Palace: Massive, Sprawling Las Vegas Casino

Caesars Palace Las Vegas view from room
Written by Joshua

Caesars Palace is an iconic Las Vegas destination, and is the centerpiece of Caesars’ Las Vegas properties. It’s been built up and out over time, and at this point is a pretty massive complex with multiple hotel towers, casino floor sections, the Colosseum theater and plenty of dining and shopping.

My play doesn’t give me comps there all too frequently, but I did get to stay there at one point a few years ago and have visited a couple of times; here’s my thoughts about Caesars Palace.

Casino Floor

Caesars Palace table pit

Caesars Palace is massive enough that it has two full casino sections. The first time I ever visited Caesars Palace was my first ever visit to Las Vegas, and I explored what I thought was the entire casino floor, only to realize I only explored the Palace Casino and totally missed the Forum casino until a couple of years later when I actually stayed at the property.

There’s a few table pits, one of which is in a very famous spot in the casino, with minimums that will be on the high end of table minimums, even on the regular floor. Before the pandemic, for instance, craps would regularly be at $15 or $25 minimums vs. $10 at many other properties in town. (For some reason I always had pretty good luck there, even with $15 being a bit out of my comfort zone.)

There’s over 1,300 slots to choose from here, with a good allotment of old and new, low limit and high limit. Video Poker with good pay tables is out of reach unless you’re willing to play $5 denomination and up and accept a heavily reduced $25 per point tier credit and comp point earnings rate.

Hotel Rooms

With five hotel towers and the separate Nobu hotel on site, there’s simply a wide variety of room inventory. I stayed in an Augustus Pool view room which, at 650 square feet, was simply a lovely room in terms of space, with a separate seating area and a nice view of the pool complex.

With such a wide variety of room types, it’s not difficult to find something to your liking, although even the basic rooms are going to run you more than most other properties in Vegas for a similar basic room. The property’s size also means a lot of walking, although it’s Vegas so that’s not unusual.

Players Card Program

Caesars Palace, as you might have guessed, is part of Caesars Rewards, and the biggest benefit of that is there’s plenty of Caesars Rewards properties in Las Vegas you can play at. Caesars Palace is by itself on the opposite side of the street from a good string of Caesars properties, but you can play at any of them and earn tier credits and Rewards Credits.

One thing that Caesars does, like its competitor MGM Rewards, is rolls up all your play at all of the casinos in the market to determine your rating, and that makes you eligible for discounted rooms or comped rooms across their Vegas portfolio. So even if you don’t play much at Caesars Palace itself, if you play enough overall, you could still get comped rooms at Caesars Palace!

Other Observations

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars is considered by many to be the gold standard for buffets in Las Vegas in terms of depth, although it’s also by far the most expensive in terms of cost, too. I ate there once for breakfast and enjoyed the meal, but as the price has crept close to $100 a person, it does begin to stretch the definition of value for a buffet.

For a property this size it’s likely not surprising that there’s a wide variety of eating and shopping options, which run the gamut on price and food fare. The Forum shops, attached to Caesars Palace, is a separate high-end shopping experience as well.

The Colosseum features marquee performers, while Omnia Nightclub is a crazy experience unto itself.

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