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Caesars Quest for Rewards Returns for Winter 2020

Caesars Quest for Rewards
Written by Joshua

Caesars Rewards has revived their Quest for Rewards program for the first quarter of 2020. Like most editions, the promotion runs for three months and offers badges for completing a variety of different tasks.

This time out, there’s 130 badges on offer, each of which awards 25 bonus tier credits for completing them. That’s a potential 3,250 tier credits on offer for completing the badges. Those who live near larger markets such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas will have an easier time collecting badges, similar to previous quests.

The badges fall into a variety of buckets:

  • Empire badges: Earn from activities like earning 25 tier credits playing slots, video poker or table games; or spending $25 at spas, hotels, or restaurants.
  • Property badges: Earn 25 tier credits through qualified gaming and spend at each property.
  • Outlet badges: Certain venues will earn you a badge when you earn 25 Tier Credits from spend. There’s 2-4 badges for each outlet.
  • Caesars Rewards Badges: Having their mobile app, being registered on various online properties, or having their credit card.

While earning an individual badge doesn’t provide many tier credits, the fact you have to earn 25 tier credits for the various activities means you’re effectively doubling up by earning the badge. And, since you can also earn bonus tier credits for earning a certain number of base credits during the day, it can rack up even more.

This won’t revolutionize how you earn credits, but it certainly can help you move things along early in the year if you are trying to get or renew a tier. Given the actual value capture available in having the Diamond level and above, it can be worth it to take advantage of promotions like this.

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