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Caesars Revives Quest for Rewards Badges for 2021

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Written by Joshua

One of the more enduring promotions that’s happened in recent years is Caesars Rewards’ nationwide Quest for Rewards program, which sees players earning badges for completing a variety of tasks. Each task completed earns a badge, which provides bonus tier credits towards your annual earnings, as well as an entry into a grand prize drawing.

One big downside is there’s a tighter time window this year than in the past. This time out, you only have two months, July and August, to earn badges. Most often the program would run for three months.

This year’s program looks a bit different in a few ways. First, there’s only 68 badges to earn this time out. 32 are for broader goals, such as number of properties visited or being on their email lists. Many of these will look familiar to players who have done this program in the past.

The other 36 are for earning 25 tier credits at each of 36 properties. This does include some Eldorado properties, but not all; the list of ones included seem to coincide with those that have fully made their way into the larger Caesars Rewards network already (vs., say, Caesars Rewards Local cards). The 25 tier credits can be earned through gaming or hospitality spend. Of course, these properties are scattered throughout the United States, so visiting all of them isn’t a likely proposition even in the best of times.

Some of the badges are calculated based on total overall spend on things like spa services, food and beverage, hotel stays or Las Vegas entertainment. Others are simply being registered for email, logging into and visiting some of their connected sites like, or having their Visa card.

The full terms went live just before the program began, and a nice surprise was found inside them – instead of 25 bonus tier credits per badge like they’ve been in recent years, they’re mostly 50 tier credits, with a few (the badges based on overall spend, and visiting more properties nationwide) getting into the 100-300 range.

With this setup, the program allows for as many as 5,050 bonus tier credits to be earned collecting badges, above/beyond what would be earned from the activity already happening, and the normal daily tier credit bonuses that are available. If you collect enough badges, you can earn up to 2,400 additional tier credits from bonuses for completing sets – so the full total is 7,450 credits all in – that’s half way to Diamond just off this promotion if you can somehow manage this.

I’ve had fun collecting badges in Vegas in the past, spending a couple of hours earning 25 tier credits at a casino and moving on. With the most properties concentrated there, it’s certainly the fastest way to leverage the program if you’re visiting their during the window.

Since you get a 50 tier credit bonus for earning 25 tier credits with the badges, it’s a quick way to rack up some additional TCs while in Vegas, above and beyond what you’d earn through normal play. This time out there’s also bonus badges for visiting 3, 6 and all 9 Vegas properties (and earning 25 TCs), and that can add up to 600 more.

There’s also bonus badges for visiting 13, 26 and up to 40 properties (although with only 36 listed as of when I wrote this, that makes me wonder if a few more may be added if other properties come online during the promotion).

The final drawing will pick 60 winners, for what they promise is over $62,000 in prizes. The odds won’t be great for winning, but a drawing’s a drawing. The prizes range from 50,000 Reward Credits ($500 value) to a choice of a Seven Stars upgrade (valid through 1/31/23) or 750,000 Reward Credits.

It’s not the most lucrative promotion in the world, but for those who try to scrape every TC they can to build or maintain their tiers, it’s always something to watch out for, and if you can manage your spend wisely, potentially pick up some bonus tier credits in the process.

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