Bellagio: MGM’s Upscale Option Sees New Updates

Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas
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One of the high end properties of MGM’s Las Vegas portfolio, the Bellagio has been part of the transformation of the Las Vegas Strip to feature more luxurious and high-end properties over the past couple of decades.

As it approaches its 25th anniversary, a comprehensive room remodel program is now underway, which will bring some fresh live into the hotel room options. This follows an overhaul of the casino floor that took place in recent years.

Let’s take a look at this luxury property and how it fares today.

Casino Floor

Depending on the resource you look up, the Bellagio has anywhere from 116,000 square feet to 156,000 square feet. Regardless of the precise number, this is a pretty massive gaming floor available to players.

Slots are there in large volume, with well over 2,200 slots (some say up to 2,400, perhaps on that mystery 30,000 square feet missing from some resources), and among them is a very sizable area of higher limit machines, although quite a good percentage of the machines are older (nothing necessarily wrong with it, but if you’re a fan of newer titles you’ll have to scour another part of the floor).

The table game area is also generous, and although Bellagio is a higher end property, they don’t completely exclude table players who can’t afford the higher minimums; I’ve been able to play within my budget there, certainly at slower times, but it does leave that door open. That said, in much of the table area, you should expect limits that are higher than most MGM properties, and whatever tables aren’t that way are likely going to be busier.

Similar to Aria, you can find full pay video poker at Bellagio, but they’re on very high denominations. Lower denominations will be much less favorable compared to what you can find downtown or at locals properties, so it’s just something to expect if that’s your game.

Hotel Rooms

Bellagio 2021 remodeled king room

As mentioned at the top of the article, the Bellagio is as this is being written in the process of seeing its room getting a refresh, with a design inspired by the Bellagio fountains. The new rooms certainly maintain an upscale sort of feel, but definitely also invoke a more modern vibe.

Bellagio 2021 remodel bathroom

One major change for those that are fans of tubs is the removal of tubs in the Bellagio bathrooms as part of the change. In its place appears to be a massive shower space, which may disappoint some who liked having that tub option.

In an interesting move, a remodel concurrently happening on rooms at Luxor is inheriting some of the old Bellagio furniture. This follows a move where old Mandalay Bay furniture ended up at Excalibur during their remodels. In both cases the recycled furniture was definitely an improvement over what was there before, so it certainly makes sense to leverage the best of what you have available.

Comp Program

Bellagio, like all of the Las Vegas MGM-owned properties, is covered by Mlife Rewards, their national program. Las Vegas tier credit earnings is favorable compared to other parts of the country, with faster tier credit accumulation for both gaming and non-gaming activity.

Mlife’s Las Vegas properties continue to also be a part of the MyVegas program, with lots of savings and comp opportunities for those who play on those social casino games. It can be a nice added bonus if you take advantage of those opportunities.

Having so many properties under one program in Las Vegas can be advantageous as it gives you a lot of choice as to where to play. And with many properties, like Bellagio, sporting sizable casino floors, it also makes the amount of choice quite broad. If you have offers with things like resort credit, it expands broadly the number of food and entertainment choices that you can apply your offers to, based on your personal preferences and visit situation.

Other Notes

Bellagio Las Vegas nighttime fountain show

Bellagio has a number of wonderful things to check out if you’re visiting Las Vegas. The iconic fountains perform to various songs throughout the day, with more frequent showings in the evening hours. There’s enough variety in the music leveraged that you’ll be able to catch a number of different songs that the fountains dance to throughout a visit.

Bellagio Las Vegas conservatory

There’s also the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, which is a free attraction that gets updated a few times a year with themes that are seasonally appropriate. The highlight here is the beautiful decorations, both man-made structures and flower arrangements.

Adjacent to the Conservatory is the Bellagio lobby, which has a ceiling art piece that has to be seen. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo in my library, but it’s colorful and beautiful.

Bellagio is connected by tram, albeit with a bit of a walk, to both Aria and Park MGM, linking three of the properties largely in a zone together. Park MGM then is adjacent to New York-New York, which itself offers easy access to the rest of the Mlife properties.

Bellagio definitely anchors the restaurant and shopping options to a higher end price point and clientele, but there are some more affordable options in the mix, so it’s not completely boxing out those who prefer to eat or shop on a budget. But as a general rule expect the options at Bellagio to favor a more upscale approach.

Book Now

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