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Caesars Slots: Another Busy App by Playtika with Meager Comp Earnings

Caesars Casino splash screen
Written by Joshua

Previously here at Know Your Slots I reviewed Slotomania, an app by Playtika that has a tie to the Caesars Rewards program. If you liked that app, you’ll find a lot to like about Caesars Slots, another app in the Playtika family that offers a route to earning Caesars Rewards Credits.

(This app should not be confused with the Caesars Casino mobile app available in New Jersey, which offers legal gambling for those in that state.)

Like its sister app Slotomania, it’s been around awhile, and has all sorts of ways to challenge yourself. If you’re someone who likes competing achievements, this is one for you.

Overview of the App

Like its sister app, Caesars Slots has been around a long time, so it features nearly 200 slot games. Nearly all the games are original, but a few early Everi games such as Chamillion and Wild ’70s are present in the app as well. Many games will look and feel familiar to those who play slots in the casino, as the general concepts and mechanics are replicated pretty faithfully, even if the themes themselves are original.

The focus here is slots, so no other options like table games or Video Poker exists.

Caesars Casino High Rollers Lounge

If you have 1 billion coins you can enter the High Rollers lounge, which features higher limit versions of a select number of games from the collection. There’s also the Golden Room, which features about 15 other games (different from the main slot lobby) to play.

Playtika Rewards screen

There is a regular level up mechanism, and like Slotomania you also earn Playtika Rewards tier credits, eligible for tiering up in their program, which is linked among all their apps. Higher Playtika tiers mean bigger bonuses, coin purchases, gifts, and so on.

There are many times opportunities to earn XP accelerators in the game. If you max bet, you also get double XP.

Caesars Casino Emperor's Journey

Throughout the year, artifact collections, just like the Slotocards program in Slotomania, run, encouraging you to spin to collect chests that contain some number of artifacts. It works more or less the same as Slotocards, with items having various numbers of stars assigned (the more stars, the more rare). The artifact collections rotate out periodically, so there is a time limit to collect and earn the coins that come with it.

A long-standing feature of the game is four sets of missions that rotate out on a schedule. One set rotates daily, one weekly, and the other two every couple of days. Completing individual missions can give you LPs (which are a leveling mechanism for the missions, and can get you big coin prizes when reaching new levels), as well as coin bonuses. Completing 6/8 rewards the prize and LP amount for that mission, and the mission is marked completed until it resets on its schedule.

Earning Coin Bonuses

Caesars Casino legacy bonus
  • Hourly bonus: By default you can collect it every few hours. Accelerators sometimes let you collect it more often. Every few times you collect a wheel spin will give you a larger bonus.
  • Daily store bonus: Each day in the shop you can collect a bonus.
  • Legacy Bonus: Lucy will gift you coins once a day.
  • Friend gifts: You can give and receive gifts with friends who are in the game as well.
  • Trade-in Stars: During bigger artifact collection programs (which run regularly in the game) you can trade in duplicate items collected for coins and new artifacts.
  • Daily Dash: Completing challenges will net you coins.
  • Artifact set and album completion: Completing a set or collecting all items in the artifact programs will yield a coin prize. 
  • Boost Wheel: When you purchase the x2 Boost you get a daily spin on the boost wheel until your boost is discontinued. If you reach five consecutive days you get a multiplier.
  • Completing Missions: Completing individual missions, completing a set of missions (6/8 within a set), and earning enough LPs to level up will all get you bonus coins.
  • Leveling Up: Of course, leveling up while playing will also get you a coin bonus.

Buying Coins

There’s a standard coin buying lobby. Sales run regularly, and there’s usually a deal out in the main slot lobby that is a favorable option compared to what’s in the store, but it may not be the price or amount of coins you want.

Caesars Casino vault

There’s also the Vault, which acts like the piggy bank does in many slot games. The vault grows as you bet, and you can unlock the vault, and claim the coins inside, for a price.

Earning Reward Credits

Like Slotomania, you can’t earn any reward credits from playing the game itself. The only way to earn is through purchases. The earning rate is identical to Slotomania; generally it’s about 1 Reward Credit per dollar spent, or about a 1 percent return to the buyer in the form of RCs. If you’re a higher Playtika Rewards tier you will earn at a subtly higher rate, but it’s still less than 2 percent.


You can tell both of these apps were developed by the same company, as there’s a lot of overlap in feature style and ideas, but if you find one app fun you’ll enjoy the other.

Do you play Caesars Slots? Share your opinion of it in the comments!

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.


  • I’m senior citz and not computer literate. I want to play Caezar’s palace games and others. I’ve been clicking but to no avail. The one was on for 4 days now (won almost $50,000,000.00) is good but the choice is limited. There are more beautiful games I love. How can I play them.?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Boeing – there are two ways to play these games. One is as an app on your iPhone or Android phone – if you search the app store for Caesars slots you should fine it. The other is as a Facebook game – similarly if you search for Caesars Slots you should find it. Best of luck!

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