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Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon: Golden Egypt Repackaged

Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon by IGT
Written by Joshua

Game: Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon
Manufacturer: IGT
Advantage play potential: Medium
What Makes it Special: Collect two coins to make a reel wild for two spins. Multiple reels can be wild at a time. Persistent state at each bet level.

If you enjoy Golden Egypt, you’ll enjoy Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon. That’s because it’s a clone 🙂 But if you’ve never played Golden Egypt or are unfamiliar with it, here’s a deeper dive into the game.

Understanding the Game

Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon bet panel

The game is a 5×4 game with 75 lines. The bet panel lets you pick how many lines, and the line multiplier that determines how the pays will be multiplied. Persistent state reels mean progress is maintained at each line multiplier level.

A round dragon symbol with a green orb will send an orb to the top of the reel. Getting two orbs will turn that reel wild for the next two spins.

Understanding the Advantage

Finding wild reels is the best advantage, just like Golden Egypt; finding multiple reels near the front one away from wild is below that. The fact that the wilds only appear for two spins means you can determine how much of an advantage there is if the wilds are active and still available when you sit down. The orbs appear pretty frequently as well, so it shouldn’t take a lot of investment to trigger a wild reel if there’s a lot of one-orb reels to the left of a game when you sit down.

Free Spins Bonus

Dancing Phoenix Soaring Dragon two bonus symbols

Three gold orbs on any reel will trigger the bonus. The bonus is also identical to Golden Egypt, with a choice that effectively determines the volatility of the bonus.

  • 1 wild reel for 30 spins
  • 2 wild reels for 15 spins
  • 3 wild reels for 5 spins

The wild reel(s) will be randomly selected each spin.

Watch and Learn

Watch IGT’s promotional video for the game here:

Have you played this Golden Egypt clone? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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