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The Caesars-Wyndham Status Match Merry Go Round Loophole Has Been Closed

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Over the past few years, the tier matching scenarios for Caesars has slowly been closing. A couple of years back, they stopped letting existing players match, only matching those signing up for the first time.

Similarly, Wyndham Rewards heavily curtailed their tier matching scenarios as well, while leaving the Caesars Rewards opportunity open (despite player confusion, this option has remained throughout since they announced their pausing others).

The Caesars/Wyndham merry-go-round effectively allowed a player to match to Wyndham in January, and then match back to Caesars in February, taking advantage of Caesars having a one month grace period with the status in January of the following year before resetting things back. (For 2022, Wyndham extended status another year from 2021, so there was no need to match to Wyndham first.)

This year, many players noted on various forums and social media groups that it was taking much longer than normal to get their statuses matched, although it seemed to eventually go through. But now, new language has been added to the status match page, saying:

Please Note: You must have earned Tier Status with your current loyalty program in order for your status to be matched.  Caesars Rewards will not grant status to WR members who came into the WR program from a tier match promotion with other programs or who previously had recent Caesars Rewards status that was about to expire, and vice versa.

As such, it appears that they are no longer allowing a status match if you received that status as the result of a match. So if you tier match to Wyndham, whether through Caesars or anyone else, you can’t be granted status with Caesars. So now you have to have actually earned your Wyndham status to then gain the status with Caesars. It also appears that similarly you have to earn your Caesars status for Wyndham to honor the match on their side.

Honestly, given the tightening in other places, many felt it was a matter of time before this would happen, so it’s not surprising, although it certainly will be disappointing to many. Of course, this won’t affect those who earn Diamond on their own, perhaps with the help of 5,000 tier credits from the Caesars credit card that will now be issued from enough spending.

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