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Chat with Kimberly Cohn, Director, Game Develoment for Light & Wonder

Light & Wonder booth outside
Written by Joshua

One of the more delightful parts of my Global Gaming Expo visit was spending time at the Light & Wonder booth. During their event, they made available many of the people who work so hard on the games, so they could in their own words talk with us about the games, how they came together, and what we can expect.

One opportunity we were granted was to get a chance to interview a developer, and I had asked if there was a chance to interview Kimberly Cohn, Director, Game Development at Light & Wonder, who is well known for those who follow along as being the guiding hand behind the Fire Link series since its inception.

One of the games being shown off at the Light & Wonder booth is Ultimate Fire Link Cash Falls, which mashes up two popular games in their portfolio, Ultimate Fire Link and Cash Falls. The game leverages the China Street theming and graphics from the original Ultimate Fire Link, while still maintaining continuity with Cash Falls in how things like the free spins bonus transitions.

During my conversation with Cohn I dug a bit deeper into how the game came about, what players can expect and what fans of each series can expect out of the mash-up.

I had previously had an opportunity to talk with Cohn a few years back during another event, and it was great to reconnect and talk about her latest and greatest. And it was during that visit that I learned other fun facts about the Fire Link Series too.

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