Four Queens: Fremont Street Classic Casino and Hotel

Four Queens on Fremont Street
Written by Joshua

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With a more than 50-year history on Fremont Street, Four Queens has a pretty prominent and historic position in downtown Las Vegas. Entering the Four Queens feels like stepping back in time in some ways, as it’s truly a classic casino with a lot of classic games inside of it.

If you visit downtown Las Vegas, the Four Queens should be on your list. Here’s what to expect when you visit.

Casino Floor

The casino floor features a broad mix of games, denominations and ages for slots and video poker. There are a lot of classic slot machines on the floor, including the most Silver Strike machines of any casino today (and the only one that dispenses $40 tokens as one that’s available), yet there are some modern games available too. The sheer diversity for such a small gaming floor makes it a pretty fun one to play on.

There are full-pay video poker machines on the casino floor, all in single line configuration, with good denomination support of quarters, 50 cents, dollar and even some nickels. At the bartops they have DDB at 9/6 for quarters and even 10/6 for 50 cent denomination, so even the bartops can offer value.

Table game wise there’s a surprisingly good selection for a casino its size, with minimums that were quite reasonable even during the pandemic when I visited last fall. They had a $5 Blackjack table but with a mandatory $1 side bet with a high house edge, not ideal at all, especially when you can find other good options for a slightly higher minimum elsewhere on Fremont Street with much better payback expectations. Aside from that they had a good selection of carny games as well, for those looking for some variety.

Hotel Rooms

Four Queens hotel room

The last renovations to Four Queens are more than a decade ago, and Four Queens wasn’t a luxury property to begin with, but despite that the rooms are still workable and quite affordable. High Speed Internet is an additional fee, so expect a bit more cost if you wish to use the Internet, but on the flip side there is no resort fee, so you at least are given the option to pay or not pay.

There’s two towers, with one a bit newer than the other, but both towers have rooms that run around 300 square feet.

Comp Program

Four Queens has a card to itself, the Royal Players Club, where you earn:

  • One point per $5 on slots
  • One point per $8 on video poker (except a few of the full pay machines)
  • 20 points is worth $1 in comps, meaning it takes $100 coin-in on slots or $160 on video poker for a $1 in comps.
  • 40 points is worth $1 in cashback, meaning it takes $200 coin-in on slots or $320 on video poker.
  • Table game players earn comp dollars based on game, average bet and length of play, like most casinos.

One helpful facet is that you can use your comp dollars at Four Queens or Binion’s, as sister properties, which at least opens up the range of availability for comp redemption options.

They have a Club 55 program which offers those 55 and above 20% discounts at a number of locations on property.

Other Notes

Four Queens has a slot outside the building where you can do a free spin for a chance to win. The odds are not great, but I managed to win $25 once on it a couple of years back. Despite it being late in the day, and something many people do, I was only the third winner that day. But given the low barrier and no cost, it’s at least something, and they give you some coupons that are pretty nice, especially if you’re a new player.

They have a small food court inside with some affordable food options if you need a quick bite.

Four Queens has coupons in the coupon books, including double points and a $10 free play coupon, which could add value for those playing a bit there.

Book Now

You can book rooms at the Four Queens Las Vegas through, which offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price while booking or within 24 hours, contact them and they’ll match it! routinely runs promotions on hotel rooms as well, making them a good place to check.

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