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Free Game-a-Thon on Cleopatra Gold

Cleopatra Gold game-a-thon provides 200x win for Courtney
Written by Courtney

Like some other players, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my casino visits. With that being said, every once in a while I like to try out a slot that I don’t keep in my regular rotation. On a recent trip to The Plaza, instead of playing Dragon Cash, Ultimate Fire Link, or one of the many Lock It Links that typically draw me in, I decided to pace myself and play Cleopatra Gold

In the past, I’ve been able to play this game for a decent amount of time while enjoying a drink or catching up with a friend. Settling into place, I fed Cleopatra my budget for the evening and started playing at $2.40 a spin. Besides what I find to be a decent amount of play time, I like the game because it is easy to understand. Like with the different versions of the title, you’re holding out luck for the bonus sphinx figures to drop into place. 

Only a few minutes had passed before I was able to land the elusive icons and I was off to the free spin bonus. One of the things that I like most about this iteration of the Cleopatra franchise is you don’t have to pick a free spin icon to get things moving. I am one of those players that doesn’t like the pressure (perceived or actual) of having to select the number of spins. I really enjoy that you don’t have to do anything, just sit back and watch the spins playout.

If you’re not familiar with Cleopatra Gold, one main thing to look out for are the nudging wilds. If you land a full column of gold wilds, the game will duplicate and give you a second reel set. If the golden wilds keep landing, the reel sets will keep comin’ and remain active. If you fail to get a golden wild column on any of the additional reel sets, the reel sets will disappear until only the main is active.

This is huge potential if you keep getting additional sets during free spins! The additional sets don’t detract from your total number of spins, they do the opposite and help drive the number up.

Cleopatra Gold 86 free games

Another cool feature about Cleopatra Gold  is that the game has a “tell” that lets players know something good is about to happen. During any spin, a sand storm animation can start to blow across the screen signaling a potentially big payout. During my free spins, I was fortunate to collect three sand storms resulting in “big wins” that definitely helped push my winnings to an impressive amount. 

After all was said and done, I had enjoyed 86 total free spins that amassed a pretty sizable win worth $492.40. On a $2.40 bet, that was over 205x!

Josh has previously explained that the Cleopatra Gold title maintains a 20-line format with other core elements like bonus symbols and pay structures remaining mostly the same. If you’re looking for a more technical breakdown, read up on exactly how the game plays here.

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