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Four Ways to Get a Host at Your Casino

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Written by Courtney

This post begins a new era at Know Your Slots, as we have our first outside contributor! Courtney is a casino fan, so much so that she even works in marketing around casinos! But it’s her personal perspective that she’s sharing here on the site, starting with today’s post, around getting a host! As always, share your feedback and/or questions in the comments!

Curious about how to get a host at a casino? While the way you go about getting your own casino representative might be different, there are a lot of great benefits to becoming hosted. Benefits often include dining comps, tickets to shows, free rooms, or something as simple (yet valuable!) as parking validation. Read on below to see some ways you can go about getting a host of your own!

1. Leverage Your Jackpot

Just hit it big? After thanking your jackpot attendant, politely ask them if a host is available. More likely than not, once you’re on the radar as someone that gets handpays, a host will be happy to come on over and say “hello.” Now, it’s up to you if you want to reach for the stars or not. In my experience I like to ask for a host and then see what their “vibe” is like. Is the host friendly? Did they congratulate you on your win? How about handing over their business card? Depending on how the first encounter goes, I will see how I am feeling about asking for things right off the bet. 

2. Snag an Introduction

This one is conditional – you need to have a friend, acquaintance, co-worker, 3rd cousin, or someone with an already established relationship. Ask your connection to introduce you to their host next time they are headed into the casino. Obviously, don’t go into the host office making demands from the jump; follow the lead of the person you went with and see what you can make happen! I’ve found that often hosts are more likely to help when they know you’re associated with one of “their” players. 

3. If Hosted, Let Them Know

In the world of gaming, things can get a little intense to get players in the door. Because of this, it’s important to remember that if you’re already a hosted player elsewhere to make that known. Hosts will pay more attention if they know that you’ve already been vetted by someone in the industry and recognized with a host. You do not need to tell them specifics, but you can indicate how many properties you’re hosted at (it’s fine if just one!), what your play looks like, and what you’re looking for in a host. Don’t forget that a host should be a good fit for both parties!

4. Just Ask

This might seem like the most obvious suggestion on how to get a host, but, it needs to be said! Most average to large-sized casinos have a standalone host office. This is always your best place to start. Head over to the host office and politely ask to speak to an available host. If a host isn’t available make sure you ask when to come back or offer to leave your contact information.

Do you have other approaches you take to get a host? Share in the comments!

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Courtney is all about everything and anything gaming. From playing blackjack a little too aggressively to swinging for the fences on high denomination slots, she wants a piece of the action! Courtney’s casino passion extends into her professional life, having spent time in the marketing department at The Golden Nugget Las Vegas and now serving as the Digital Marketing Manager for The Queen Casino & Entertainment.

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