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Foxwoods Tweaks Rewards Program Mid-Cycle

Foxwoods Rewards players cards
Written by Joshua

It’s unusual for casinos to make changes to comp programs in the middle of a cycle, but it happens. And in an email yesterday to players, Foxwoods outlined some updates that seem player friendly to its Foxwoods Rewards program.

The biggest change is a comp dollar earnings accelerator for Foxwoods Rewards Points, which is their name for it. If you have a higher tier, you can now earn Rewards Points faster:

  • Gold: 10% faster earnings
  • Platinum: 15% faster earnings
  • Diamond: 20% faster earnings

Given you also get a discount on purchases and food when using your card, combining that with the ability to earn points faster seems to help improve your overall benefits on property as a higher level player.

They are clear in the email that this only is in effect for slots and table games, which seems to purposefully leave out video poker.

For all players gas now converts at a 1 point to $1 ratio, which was not the case before. You also get a discount on gas based on higher tier level:

  • Gold: 10 cent per gallon discount
  • Platinum: 15 cent per gallon discount
  • Diamond: 20 cent per gallon discount

Combined with the better ratio, it does seem to make gas a better deal on site now. Of course, gas is marked up on the property, so the discounts help to bring it down to earth a bit, and let you use your points for it.

They also note you can earn points on hotel stays, which is nice, although tier earnings was miserly from my recollection given it’s cash spend on site, so hopefully they’re not equally miserly on the Rewards Points side.

They also tout more redemption options at Tanger Outlets, which is always a plus.

Foxwoods is by far the easier to tier up with compared to Mohegan Sun, and they offer tier multipliers a few days per months just like Mohegan Sun. I’ve been able to easily maintain a higher tier compared to Mohegan Sun, although the perks for a higher tier were certainly less, and even with these changes remain so, compared to Mohegan Sun.

That said, it’s always nice to see a property make efforts to strengthen a rewards program vs. just water it down, so I appreciate their steps to make it a bit easier to earn comp dollars. Hopefully, as the properties continue to fully reopen, the benefits will be more available with more restaurants open, better hours for various amenities and so on.

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  • Hi Joshua,
    Can I redeem two sperate slot play Foxwoods Heart point transactions to be used at a day trip to Foxwoods? Example: If I have 17,400 heart points can I redeem two $20.00 credits to my card for slot play?


    • Hey Michael! The terms on the rewards screen confirm a monthly limit for each reward of one per month. However, I’ve had no problem previously redeeming two different rewards in the same bucket, such as a $20 free play and a $10 free play. Since the prices are generally proportional for those prizes, you’re not losing out on converting for a lower free play amount.

      For those curious as to what Michael’s asking about, Foxwoods Online is a social casino that lets you earn hearts for playing and for purchases, which can then be converted to comps at the physical casino:


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