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Great Wall: Classic Slot with Multiple Round Bonus

Great Wall by WMS logo
Written by Joshua

A couple of times over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to play a classic WMS slot, Great Wall. The base game is pretty standard, but the bonus is where things take a bit of a unique turn.

Like many WMS games of the era, the line hits can be quite good. Five of a kinds on premium symbols can pay well, up to 10,000 credits per line (on a 1x bet) for five Great Wall symbols.

A fun side note: The sound effects from this game counting up may sound familiar to those who redeem free play in markets like Vegas, as they used the sounds from this game counting up to indicate the free play was being returned on quite a few of their newer games.

Great Wall by WMS bonus trigger

The bonus is a multi-round event that’s triggered when three or more bonus symbols land (wilds will substitute for them). The first round gives you eight free spins with a 1x multiplier.

Great Wall by WMS bonus picks

Each Yin Yang symbol that lands leads to a pick at the conclusion of that spin cycle. You could win credits or spins. Then a 2x round of free spins based on the number of spins collected during the picking takes place. This continues until you either have a round of free spins with no picks, or you only pick credits on the picking screen.

Great Wall by WMS bonus pick reveal

The bonus maxes out at 4x multiplier free spins (the only combination not multiplied is that 5 Great Wall symbols combination), and as you can expect it’s harder to get spins after a couple of rounds of this, but the potential is quite great.

This escalating bonus round feature is something somewhat unique, and given the age of the game it may be awhile before such a scenario comes around again, but if you find it on a casino floor it’s worth a play.

Watch and Learn

Here’s a video from RandomSlots that features a bonus round and the pay tables:

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