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High Voltage Blackout: Line Hit Multipliers and Fun Pick Bonus

High Voltage Blackout by Everi bonus pick screen
Written by Joshua

I haven’t talked about an Everi game in awhile, but one of the games I find more fun, and isn’t particularly volatile, is High Voltage Blackout. With a 30 credit bet increment, it’s among the lower minimum bet games out there of the modern set, and it offers a number of exciting features.

The game features stacked wilds, a respin feature, multipliers on the base reels and a picking bonus that can yield some solid wins.

Premium Symbol Multipliers

Multipliers of 2-10x can appear on the premium symbols on the reels. When they line up, the multipliers can add together to build a higher multiplier. This can be paid per line as well if they appear on multiple lines, and wild stacks (as mentioned above) can come in to help support the pays.

Respin Feature

A respin feature can happen after any base spin, with wins equal or growing each spin, very similar to a VGT red spin scenario. These can get quite exciting as they build up, and up to five respins are possible.

Blackout Bonus

The main bonus round is a picking bonus that allows five choices, each of which exploding 2-6 buildings. Once the number of buildings picked is shown, they explode, starting with the first row and working up.

High Voltage Blackout by Everi bonus pick screen revealed

There are 24 buildings total, so it is difficult, but not impossible, to fill the entire skyline. You get a bonus for completing each row of the skyline, worth between 15x and 50x your bet depending on which row is cleared, and a further 100x bonus for clearing all the buildings.

The size of the bonus is limited to something a little bit over 200x, a great sign the game is on the lower volatility side.

Watch and Learn

RandomSlots has a good overview, including the pay table screen shots:

TheBigPayback got a 5 bonus symbol trigger heading into the picking bonus:

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