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Icy Wilds by IGT: Slim Advantage Play Options

Icy Wilds by IGT hero
Written by Joshua

Game: Icy Wilds
Manufacturer: IGT
Advantage play potential: Low
What Makes it Special: Get a reel of the same symbol (but only of the semi-premium symbols) and that reel will turn wild for the next spin.

IGT’s Icy Wilds is another game with a basic persistent state feature that carries a wild reel earned on a previous spin to the next. Unlike many of their other games with this format, the wild persists for only one spin, so the advantage play is very limited. Still, the game itself has some interesting features, so let’s dive in.

Understanding the Game

Icy Wilds by IGT bet panel

Icy Wilds is another 5×4 reel set, this time with 50 lines starting at 50 credits, so it is less expensive than some of its other persistent state reel cousins. There are five bet levels, each with its own set of persistent state reels, and in the case of the machine we found, three denominations, similar to other persistent state games, meaning 15 unique sets of reels.

Icy Wilds two columns of wilds ready

When a reel is full of any symbol but the premium symbol (that of the female, which I’ve been calling the Ice Princess as I worked through the notes for this review), a glowing border will appear around the reel indicating it will turn wild for the next spin. Multiple reels can turn wild for the same spin, which can add to the opportunity.

Icy Wilds by IGT two wild columns active

Wilds can be beneficial wherever they land, as the game has a unique pay evaluation for the Ice Princess. If two or more of her appear in consecutive reels anywhere in the game, you get paid. So if a wild appears on real 4, and she pops up on reel 5, you get paid. She is also a four-high symbol so if she happens to land perfectly atop the reel, you get paid for her on every line.

Understanding the Advantage

That one spin with the wilds, when left behind, could pay something. Or it could not. That single spin at least has a set cost to it, but if you don’t line anything up, then the advantage is gone. Mutliple wilds of course would make it more advantageous. This is why, however, I rate it a low advantage. Even if all bet levels had a wild reel or reels waiting, the advantage is limited.

Free Spins Bonus

Icy Wilds by IGT free games in two columns

Another unique aspect to the game is that you can get multiple free spins symbols in a reel. You still need to land free spins on three unique reels, but the more symbols, the more spins. The Wild reel feature when a stack of symbols lands recurs in the bonus.

Watch and Learn

Windy City Frenzy played Icy Wilds and got a bonus on the first spin:

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