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Low Limit Slot Player Tips With The Jackpot Gents

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Written by Joshua

A few weeks back, I shared a half dozen tips for low limit slot players here on the site. While the tips can work for any player, they are particularly important for lower limit players because with a limited budget, you want to be able to take advantage of as much as you can with it to maximize the entertainment value.

That means making sure you’re maximizing your comp value, not playing at a level your bankroll won’t support, and so on. Each of the tips are designed to help players get a bit more out of the budget they’re bringing to the casino for play.

The article was the basis of my latest conversation with The Jackpot Gents, the new brand for Steve and Matt Bourie, who were previously the author and editor, respectively, of the American Casino Guide book.

One thing that’s always nice about these conversations is that they bring their own experiences into play, and what starts as a conversation about the points I had compiled than leads into other good suggestions and conversations.

While Steve and Matt haven’t played slots as consistently for as long, their casino experiences and knowledge are quite vast and so they’ve seen various scenarios on their side as well, that yield some great additional talking points.

For instance, we dug in a little deeper around the conversation of casino drawings. One viewer even pointed out that some hot seat drawings also award prizes to those playing when the hot seat prize is won, another point in the column of playing that if you’re a low roller.

It’s a pretty quick watch, but we go over a lot of great info. If you’re more of a listener, or didn’t catch the original article, the video’s got you covered, and I’ll be doing more with The Jackpot Gents in the near future!

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