M Resort: Beautiful Oasis in the Southern Nevada Desert

M Resort Daydream
Written by Joshua

There’s the core Las Vegas Strip. Then, south of that is South Point. But if you keep going south down Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll ultimately reach M Resort, built in the late 2000s decade and as such is one of the newest properties in the Las Vegas area (it is itself located in Henderson).

Built to cater more to locals, M Resort is indeed a gorgeous facility, with lots of natural light coming in thanks to its design. And, because the property is situated at a higher elevation than the core strip area, there’s plenty of good views of the strip from its 400 or so rooms on site.

Let’s take a look at what makes M Resort special.

Casino Floor

The casino floor clocks in at almost 100,000 square feet, with more than 1,000 machines and 40 table games. The machine mix was quite nice, with both the newest games and some older favorites on the floor – that balance is more unusual than it used to be as many of the strip casinos have wiped out the bulk of their older game inventory in recent years.

As a casino focused on locals found off the main strip, they’ve got some video poker machine options that are above 99% payback, including full pay Jacks or Better video Poker. In fact they have two groups of “up to 99.8%” machines found on the floor. The denominations are also quite accessible, being at quarter denomination and up.

You’ll find standard games in the table pit, along with carnival games like 3 Card Poker and High Card Flush. They’ve also got Pai Gow Poker and Mini-Baccarat among their offerings.

Hotel Rooms

M Resort King room

M Resort is not a large hotel, with 350 standard rooms and about 40 suites (although a second hotel tower is being considered as this post goes live). Given the age of the property, it’s not surprising that even the standard rooms are spacious and modern, with a pretty unique style and floor to ceiling windows that either offer a strip or mountain view.

It’s definitely more off the beaten path, but not unlike some of the other gorgeous properties that are outside the main strip/downtown zone in the region.

Comp Program

M Resort is managed by Penn National Gaming, which means this casino is part of the mychoice program. I’m not particularly fond of this program, because you have to do $5,000 in coin-in to tier up to be able to even earn comp dollars, and their website routinely tells me I have no tier credits when I’ve earned them.

The machines indicated I was earning 5x faster when I visited in July, likely because it was my birthday, but it wasn’t multiplying my tier credits and I wasn’t earning comp dollars at my tier supposedly, so I’m not sure what the value of this was, frankly. While a nice property, their comp program is definitely geared towards a more consistent and dedicated player.

I have a mychoice property a couple hours from me, but it’s a slots-centric parlor and so it’s not really a priority when I have multiple options much closer to me.

Restaurants and Other Observations

I had dinner at Anthony’s Prime Steak and Seafood, which was quite wonderful. That restaurant checks off the requisite steakhouse option for a casino, but it’s well rated and that did bear out in my experience there. The Raiders Tavern & Grill also comes highly recommended.

Most of the eating options there offer an outdoor element, which is a nice touch, and makes use of the space the property has well. There’s more informal options, of course, like M Cafe, which serves as a breakfast spot in the morning and a cocktail spot in the evening.

The parking garage messed me up a bit because, like Green Valley Ranch, the parking levels were below the main casino and restaurant level. So keep that in mind when you go to park that higher is closer in this case.

M Resort Videos

Pompsie has a room tour of a suite as well as other aspects of M Resort:

Walking Las Vegas has a walkthrough of the main areas of the property:

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