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UPDATED: MGM Rewards Offers 2x Tier Credit in Las Vegas Through August 31

Written by Joshua

After the conversion to MGM Rewards in February, players saw a hit in tier credit earnings, with the blow temporarily softened by a 2x tier credit promotion that ended April 30. The question then became, will they do any other tier credit multiplier promotions or is that going to be it?

Originally, it wasn’t clear. On the MGM Rewards website, it had listed a 2x Rewards Points promotion on qualified Las Vegas Spending. However, that appears to have been a mistake, as on May 27 an email went out advertising another 2x tier credit promotion.

Now through August 31, you will earn 2x tier credits on your gaming, and you’ll also receive 2x tier credit on non-gaming spend, specific to any spend you do in Las Vegas.

This means that between February 1 and August 31, players will have had a tier credit multiplier in place for the duration, minus about four weeks. This is probably in no small part due to the frustration many players have felt in the massive depreciation in the tier credits earnings after switching over to the new system compared to the old earnings rate in Las Vegas. By offering a tier credit multiplier, it will take the edge off, but eventually it’s likely they won’t be as frequent, which will simply make it even harder to maintain a tier.

I have a trip scheduled to Vegas for early July; I anticipate this will help me lock down Gold for another year during this trip, something I wasn’t necessarily sure would be possible at the time because of the reduced earnings.

Based on my research to date and that of others, it appears that you earn 8 tier credits for every dollar of theoretical loss, regardless of property. Under the tier credit multiplier, that will become 16 tier credits per dollar of theoretical loss. And for non-gaming spend, the 4 tier credits per dollar of spend will become 8 tier credits.

So those diligently working to renew their tiers and take advantage of some of the new perks may be able to make some headway this summer.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been holding off on tier matching with MGM, keep in mind that as of right now the tier match is still listed in the terms as ending June 30, 2022; they could extend it but until they do, presuming they even do, you’ve got about a month left.

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