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Mr. Cashman Jailbird: Iconic Aristocrat Slot Machine

Mr. Cashman by Aristocrat features
Written by Joshua

The Mr. Cashman series is among the time tested slot machine formats that Aristocrat has brought to the world. The games have been reformatted onto newer cabinets multiple times over the years because players still enjoy playing them.

I personally have gotten back into them again in recent months, with the Jailbird theme (which has a clone in African Dusk) the one I’ve been playing most frequently. A few things about the games remain aspects that I enjoy today.

Mr. Cashman by Aristocrat bet panel

First off, it’s a 20 line game with a 5 cent additional charge for the Mr. Cashman feature, meaning it’s a 25 cent wager for all lines and features. Even at a 5x line bet, that’s a mere $1.25.

Mr. Cashman Jailbird by Aristocrat big win

Second, in lieu of a straight up bonus, you’ve got a well-paying scatter pay that shows up quite frequently and matches with wild symbols, bringing some helpful pays along the way.

Mr. Cashman Jailbird by Aristocrat Poker Machine bonus

The Mr. Cashman features become your bonuses, which incorporates free spins and a lot more:

  • Random Spin: Mr. Cashman will randomly respin the various reels and throw out a multiplier:
  • Choose a Feature: Select between a credit prize or free games.
  • Random Bonus: Mr. Cashman will give you a random credit prize.
  • Match the Prize: Select stars until two prizes match, which could be credits or free games (with a multiplier possible)
  • Poker Machine Spin: The machine will spin and pay a prize of up to 999 credits times your bet multiplier.

With regular scatters and features, plus decent line hit potential, the game can be a decent ride with lots of opportunities to get ahead.

The games keep getting updated to newer machines periodically, and have a pretty standard place on many a casino floor. Some players have reported the older Mr. Cashman machines disappearing from casino floors in Nevada and Las Vegas (potentially because they had to be) but newer versions of the game are still out there.

Watch and Learn

Here is Aristocrat’s promo video for when they updated the game for newer cabinets back in 2012, including examples of the five bonuses:

Here is a video from TheBigPayback on the machine with lots of features:

Brian Christopher played the theme on one of the newer cabinets:

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