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Borgata to Finally be Fully Connected to Mlife Rewards

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Written by Joshua

Previously here on the site I’ve talked about the oasis that is the Borgata in the Mlife network. While it’s been considered part of the Mlife network for some time, you would get a different card number at Borgata than the rest of Mlife, and comps are earned a bit differently.

But more importantly your Borgata Express Comps bucket was separate and distinct from any other property in the Mlife Rewards ecosystem. When you’re logging onto the Mlife website, you do not see your Borgata Express Comps; conversely, you don’t always see all your information on the Borgata website either. It can seem like on the surface that your comps are in isolated buckets, and in essence, they have been.

Well, as of April, that problem will finally go away. Borgata is set to be fully integrated into the Mlife Rewards system. All offers are being paused for the second half of April (specifically April 17-30) to allow for the migration to take place. They’re promising:

  • Fully linked cards with tier credit earnings for non-gaming spend, to match the rest of the Mlife Rewards network
  • Mlife Rewards cards that work at all MGM Properties
  • A new website for Borgata, presumably to match the other Mlife sites
  • Express Comps balances merged and simplified. Presumably the quirky rules vs. other Mlife properties you earned express comps at Borgata will go away as well.

This means no need to transfer Express Comps balances from one Mlife account to another anymore, for instance; if you’re in New Jersey you won’t have to transfer balances from the national bucket any longer, or conversely from New Jersey to the national bucket in locations like Las Vegas.

While this will mean a few teething issues for players who need to have the national cards now, or dealing with a casino in transition in late April, this will be a simpler thing for players to navigate in the future.

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