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MyVEGAS for Facebook: Different Game, Same Comps

MyVEGAS on Facebook splash screen
Written by Joshua

Previously on the site I reviewed the MyVEGAS mobile app, which offers a lot of great games and comps as part of its offering. Most of the time when a game has a mobile app and a Facebook game, they’re basically the same. This is not the case for the Facebook version of MyVEGAS, which predates the app and although offers some similar options and features, is not identical.

With that in mind, today I’m taking a look at the Facebook version of the game and what you can get out of it. Like all the mobile apps, comps earnings and balances are linked across all the MyVEGAS family of apps, so the play on the Facebook version will continue to support the growth of your Loyalty Points pool for comps. As such, I’ll refer you to the previous app reviews for a full understanding of the comps availability.

Overview of the Game

MyVEGAS on Facebook is, like its sister app, primarily focused on slots. There is a Blackjack room that allows you to play basic Blackjack, but like how the MyVEGAS Blackjack app has a couple of slots just to offer a diversion when you need a break, the Blackjack table is similar here for the MyVEGAS slots, which is the primary draw.

MyVEGAS on Facebook slot lobby

There are about 45 slots, which many times overlaps with the Facebook app. There are a couple of Konami slots, some slots themed to MGM Las Vegas properties, and then there’s original themes.

The game has a standard leveling up mechanism, as well as a VIP program that connects across this and the MyKONAMI and MyVegas apps. You earn additional coins for purchases and bonuses based on your VIP level, and you can increase your VIP level by opening each daily and collecting your bonuses. So using all three, aside from building on a common Loyalty Point balance, can also benefit from the shared VIP balance.

There’s also a high limit room which offers a subset of the games at a higher bet level.

MyVegas on Facebook special event

There is usually some sort of special event running that lets you complete missions for prizes such as LPs or in-game coins. Usually the first couple of levels are pretty easy to knock out, and the level of difficulty (and the accompanying prize) grows with each step.

A unique feature of this version is a map of Vegas that features all of the MGM Las Vegas properties. Initially, you unlock properties as you play, and each property offers a timed bonus that varies by property. This is separate from the hourly bonus, which was actually added a lot more recently in the store, and was originally the main way you collected chips for spinning (although the properties can also reward LPs).

One thing that’s important to note is that since MyVEGAS on Facebook is a separate game from its mobile counterpart, your bonuses and coin balances are separate for each, and therefore you can collect on both in a similar amount of time. If you run out of coins in one, that doesn’t mean you’re out in the other.

Earning Coin Bonuses

You can earn coins for betting in the following ways:

MyVegas on Facebook daily wheel spin
  • Hourly Bonus: Available in the coin store, and generally every three hours.
  • Daily Wheel Spin: Similar to the MyKONAMI and MyVEGAS apps, you can spin a wheel daily, which gets multiplied up to 3x if you maintain 5 or more consecutive daily visits, and an additional bonus based on your VIP level and the number of friends playing.
  • From the Strip: There are timed bonuses available for each unlocked property on the strip. How often you can collect varies by property, from a couple hours to every 12-24 hours in a couple of cases.
  • Leveling Up: Leveling Up gives you a coin bonus.
  • Completing Challenges: Challenges can unlock coin bonuses.
  • Emails: A daily email will offer you a coin bonus.

With a number of ways to collect coins, you’ll never be broke for long.

Buying Coins

MyVegas on Facebook coin store

The coin store is your prominent option for buying coins. There’s usually some sort of promotion running, and buying coins also gets you VIP points and usually access to some sort of bonus spin.

You can pop the champagne bottle, which is their version of the piggy bank that accumulates coins based on spins.

There’s usually a promotion going on; you’ll want to check and see if that’s better than the going rate in the store, like normal.

Earning Loyalty Points

You earn by spinning the reels, like in the other games, and based on how much you’re betting will determine how quickly you accumulate the LPs.

In this version of the game, you get 1,000 Loyalty Points for leveling up, and those points aren’t capped, meaning even if you’ve been capped on daily earnings from spinning, you can still earn more points for spinning. That’s a great loophole and makes this version standout from the other apps.

You can also earn Loyalty Points from the challenges, and those too are available regardless of whether you’re capped.

Redeeming Loyalty Points

Check out my review of the MyVEGAS or MyKONAMI apps, but the breadth of comps that you find in those apps for Mlife properties and beyond are also available here. There’s a lot to sift through, from BOGOs to outright freebies, from food to hotels to free play.

Let’s Get Social

As I mentioned in my previous reviews, the apps are popular, and so are the comps, so they sell out quickly, despite being refreshed daily. You can also miss some of the big coin bonuses if you’re not paying attention.

MyVegas Friends Rocks has threads that can help you track when comps are refreshed, when big coin bonuses are available, and more. There’s discussion for both the app and the Facebook game, so presuming you play both you won’t miss out on the biggest benefits for either.


Despite the oddity of MyVEGAS being disconnected from its app counterpart, that actually works in favor of players who enjoy the games and are working to earn comps. The game takes advantage of the larger screen to offer a fun strip view with extra coin collection opportunities. It’s a nice part of the overall MyVEGAS ecosystem.

Do you play MyVEGAS on Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    • Hi Michael! The Facebook group referenced in my post is a good place to start. They have a thread where coin links are posted, and occasionally some sizable opportunities are found in there. I’ve actually collected billions of free coins that way, so hopefully you’ll find it helpful as well!

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