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OYO Las Vegas was the Hooters Hotel and Casino until 2019, and the name change didn’t bring a ton of change ultimately to the property. In some ways that’s a good thing, because it has more of a locals-style mentality to how things work, and that makes it a lot of fun for someone looking for some good deals and fun gaming.

They love to advertise themselves as the Strip’s best kept secret. It may be in part because technically it’s just off the strip, rather than on the strip, that’s keeping it a secret, but no matter. I find OYO a lot of fun and you’ll find out why in today’s post.

Slot Machines & Video Poker

The property is smaller, so that means the slot floor is as well, but they still have a good mix of older and newer games despite that – you’ll find your Quick Spin, Buffalo Gold and Zeus Unleashed mixed in with some classic WMS machines. The entire slot floor, including tables, is 30,000 square feet.

The floor has never been overwhelmingly busy, which means it tends to be easy to get access to the games you want, and the game floor does get some updates so it’s not constantly the same thing.

There’s also a small selection of video poker on the floor, as well as some bar tops across the various bar areas, including the bar at Steak ‘n Shake. There were some in the bar section of Hooters, but that area has been closed each time I’ve visited since the pandemic reopenings, so I imagine they’ve downsized the restaurant space for now until conditions warrant reopening it.

Table Games

One of the big advertised pulls is $1 Blackjack 24/7. They have a stadium blackjack option upfront now as well with it which is the 24/7 part. There’s still some double deck at lower limits and I played craps at a $5 minimum not that long ago. Blackjack at $10 and up pays 3:2 as well, so they offer better table rules than many of the strip casinos at that price.

I’ve routinely seen both $5 (6:5) and $10 minimum tables open on weeknights, so those bristling at some of the higher table limits on the strip would be would be well versed to check things out here. (During one visit not long ago I played Blackjack at a table where two brothers, who claimed to have had booked a Bellagio suite, came to Hooters for better gambling value.)

The table games section is small, so there’s not a lot of options, but you’ll find the standards, including roulette, craps and blackjack.

Hotel Rooms

OYO Las Vegas International Suite bedroom
OYO strip view window

I’ve booked offers there since my original visit. The first time, I was given a basic room that was clean, but on the lower end of the scale compared to what you can find nearby on the strip. But the rooms are certainly comfortable and will get the job done.

The thing that you have to keep in mind is the property you’re at. This isn’t a Four Seasons. Your “Strip View” is probably going to be a look out the window to the MGM Grand across the street. The walls are on the thin side. But if you need a place to sleep, it’s certainly going to take care of basic needs and ensure you have a room to head back to at night.

More recently, I’ve been upgraded to an International Suite on multiple occasions as part of my tier status at OYO. It is effectively the size of two rooms side by side; there are two full bathrooms, one in the living space and one in the bedroom space.

With the extra space the rooms don’t feel as cluttered, and there’s a mini bar with sink, microwave and fridge for the ability to stock up a bit on things as needed. All the seating furniture is located in the first room, with the bed and closet space found in the second bedroom.

Comp Program

The OYO Rewards Card is easier to tier than many, but given the size of the casino and the fact it’s not linked to any other casinos, it makes sense. But the perks do grow quickly as you tier up, including discounts at the restaurants and on site shops. Higher tiers are guaranteed room availability on weeknights or weekends, as well as suite upgrades. Early check-in is granted for Platinum players and above, a level that’s not hard to achieve.

Earning is quick – $1.50 per point on slots, $3 per point on video poker, keno and Blackjack. If you go on a 10x Wednesday promotion, you earn 10 points per $1.50 on slots. 100 points can be used as $1 in comps or free play on the slots or other electronic games like video poker.

You also get access to a kiosk promotion that gives you up to five swipes per day. Each swipe gives you something of value – a few dollars in comps, free play, match play bonus points, free gifts from the gift shop. It takes 800 points to get all five swipes on the kiosk, which is $1,200 of coin-in, and you generally see something in the neighborhood of $15-$20 in bonus perks from the kiosk, on top of the $8 in points (or $80 on Wednesdays) you get playing.

Other Observations

The Hooters is the main restaurant draw, with North America’s largest Hooters on property (although half has been closed during all my visits since the reopening). Steak ‘n Shake recently reopened after a lengthy closure during the pandemic. There’s a café where you can get other options like personal Pizza Hut pizzas and salads, which is open early but closed Tuesday/Wednesday right now.

Their gift shop, Cargo, acts as half essentials shop and half Vegas/Hooters gift shop. They pack in a lot of stuff into a small space, and it maintains pretty good hours (8 a.m. to 11 p.m. when I last visited).

The staff across the property is insanely friendly – definitely a good team is here. The restaurant is run well, and I have had great interactions across the board.

All of my visits so far to the property have been quite fun – my money seems to last, and my suspicion is, like the table games, the slots are a bit on the generous side to encourage more visits and play.

Overall, I enjoy visiting OYO and playing, especially on the 10x point multiplier days. I have made it a point to stop in on each of my recent Vegas visits, and have had a great time each visit.

Book Now

You can book rooms at the OYO Las Vegas through, which offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price while booking or within 24 hours, contact them and they’ll match it! routinely runs promotions on hotel rooms as well, making them a good place to check.

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