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Quick Hit Fortunes Blitz: More Features, More Expensive Games

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Written by Joshua

I’ve talked in the past about how Quick Hits Volcano and Jungle are among my favorite Quick Hit games, in part because they took the Quick Hit series into a more modern era with beautiful graphics and sound, while maintaining the core of what made the games successful.

Now, those themes are revived nearly a decade later on Quick Hit Fortunes Blitz, a game that’s doing a lot more than its predecessor and it shows in the gameplay. I reviewed the Volcano theme, which has always been my favorite theme of the two. They differ in their free spins picking screen.

Quick Hit Fortune Blitz by Light & Wonder bet panel

First off, you can see by the bet panel that there are 50 credit increments here, as opposed to the 30 credit increments of the previous version. This is no doubt to fuel the additional bonuses that this game is capable of firing due to the mash-up of those Quick Hit versions with the Blitz format.

Quick Hit Fortune Blitz by Light & Wonder progressives

One thing I noticed is that the progressives start at lower amounts than the predecessor, not uncommon on newer Quick Hit games. For instance, 5 Quick Hits started at 10x the max bet on the previous iteration, whereas here it starts at 5x. 6 Quick Hits started at 50x the max bet on the previous version, and only 25x here.

Quick Hit Fortune Blitz by Light & Wonder free spins pick

But there are two bonuses. The Free Games works as before – pick until you match three free spins amounts, which can be 7, 8, 10, 12 or 15. However, get the Wild symbol as part of the matching of three spins amounts and it will add five spins to the total.

During the free spins bonus the progressives are out of play, and instead flat prizes are awarded for Quick Hit line-ups, the same as before, but at those lowered amounts, like mentioned earlier. Quick Hit symbols are also wild, so along with Quick Hit payouts there is also the chance for some sizable line hits, which is one of the attractions of this version.

Whenever a wild (whether the wild symbol in the base game or either the wild or Quick Hit wild symbol in the free games) appears, there is a chance for the Fortune Feature to be triggered, meaning there is the chance for a bonus inside the bonus.

Quick Hit Fortune Blitz by Light & Wonder line hit

The Fortunes feature is effectively the bonus from Quick Hit Blitz – you have three spins to collect a certain number of symbols to be awarded a bigger jackpot, another row on the reels, and three more spins to collect a higher number of symbols. Instead of winning the progressives, though, you are awarded a flat prize that grows each round. The flat prize is a multiple of your total bet, so max betting will provide bigger prizes. One change here is you can’t collect line hits all the way – it’s all the flat jackpots here.

And that’s about it really – in a way it’s a mash-up of Quick Hit Blitz and Quick Hit Volcano. But it does feel tougher – the line hits are a bit harder to get paid on, it feels, and with the lower Quick Hit prizes, some money is taken from there too, presumably to make room for the two bonuses. In that way this game is probably a bit like Huff N’ More Puff that you are more reliant on the bonuses to deliver value.

Quick Hit Fortunes Blitz Videos

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