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Sahara Las Vegas Rolling Out New Players Card Program

sahara las vegas infinity rewards update
Written by Joshua

Sahara Las Vegas is moving towards the launch of a new players card program, effective October 1 of this year.

I was tipped off by Vegas Introvert on Twitter:

However, it looks like this version of the program has already rolled out at Grand Sierra Resort, its sister property and one which shares its program with Sahara.

As you tier up, you get a daily point multiplier that can get up to 6x; each tier forward you move, your multiplier increases. The baseline earnings is $1,000 to get $1 in comps, so you gotta tier up to really bring that in line with other casino programs. But it does seem to fall in line with a trend of weak baseline earnings and point multipliers as a form of motivation to play more.

The tier match is also encouraging news, and players at both Sahara and Grand Sierra Resort will be able to play on the same card, as they did before.

Getting to the second tier, with a 2x point multiplier, takes just $1,000 in coin-in, and then you’re earning at the rate you do at Caesars Rewards. 3x comes with $7,500 in coin-in annually. So it’s not particularly hard to achieve these tiers and earn faster, but given the property is solo, you’ll have to decide if Sahara (or GSR) is a place you plan on playing regularly.

I visited a couple of years back when the casino and property was still going through its most recent renovations, and I had a fun time on the casino floor, but despite that haven’t made it back up there since. It is on the monorail, which can be beneficial to those staying on the eastern side of the strip.

It doesn’t appear on the surface to be too drastic of a change, but my familiarity with the program is limited, so I’ll await a bit more before leaving a final verdict. And I’ll stop in to see about that tier match.

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