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Shamrock Fortunes: AGS 3 Pot Game with Frequent Features

Shamrock Fortunes by AGS logo
Written by Joshua

AGS has joined the three pot parade with two of their latest games, the Triple Coin Treasures family. I got some steady time in on Shamrock Fortunes, one of those two, and found it to be an enjoyable game.

My initial takeaway from the play is that the pots seem easier to get to bonus, which makes the game more active and more fun, but there are other aspects to it that makes it feel a bit easier not only than other pot games, but AGS games as well, at least from my rounds on it.

Shamrock Fortunes by AGS bet panel

The game features 80 credit bet increments at penny denomination, not too out of sorts for AGS as a general rule – many of their games have 80 and 88 credit bet increments, which opens the door for various directions.

Shamrock Fortunes by AGS cash on reels win

The game features cash on reels symbols that are awarded as long as you have one on each of reels one and two (and each successive reel with them pays those as well). This feature is available in both the base games and the free spins.

Coins appear on the reels and are wild, but they also come in three colors (red, blue and green), linked to each of the three pots. Like any other pots game, they can cause the pots to fill up and trigger free spins.

Shamrock Fortunes by AGS progressives and three pots triggered

You can trigger one or multiple pots, up to all three at once. Unlike other pots games, there’s a more standard structure to the free games awarded:

  • One pot triggers five free games
  • Two pots trigger 10 free games
  • Three pots trigger 15 free games

Each pot has its own set of upgrades it offers:

  • The green pot triggers the Extra Spins feature, a two-space-high pot on reel 1 that can award one or two free additional spins each time it lands.
  • The red pot triggers the Symbol Upgrade feature, which allows you to collect coins to turn symbols into more gold pots, awarding more and more frequent cash on reels prizes (and it does begin to add up quickly). It also adds double-high jackpot/bonus prize symbol pots to reel five, so as you turn more symbols into gold pots, you increase your chances of reaching reel five, and that chance at a progressive or bonus prize.
  • The blue pot triggers the Grow Reels feature, which expands the reels from a 5×3 30-line game to a 5×5 50 line game. It also adds double-high pots to reel five with multipliers of 2x, 3x and 5x on the reels.

If you do not trigger all three pots initially, the wild coins can still trigger other pots to turn. In this case, it upgrades based on that pot’s feature, and adds five more spins, effectively a retrigger with additional upgrades to the reels.

Shamrock Fortunes by AGS triple pot bonus line hit

Getting all three pots has the most potential because you have a lot of spins to collect coins and upgrade the symbols to pots, you can get more free spins on reel 1, you can get to reel 5 more easily as the bonus continues, with multipliers and jackpots/bonus prizes.

My one triple pot bonus managed to be a 200x win, but I also got some other decent wins on the game across multiple sessions. There’s definitely some give and take, but the game is an active one. the fact that the coins are also wild helps with line hits, and the cash on reels pays pretty often.

This is a nicely balanced game and a great effort by AGS – despite my exhaustion of these triple pot style games, AGS did a good job with this one.

Shamrock Fortunes Slot Videos

Brian Christopher played it during G2E week on his live stream at the Venetian:

The game is brand new, so more videos will be posted as they become available.

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