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Slot Moments: Old School Mega Big Wins Courtesy of Slotman777

G+ Deluxe by WMS must hit by progressives
Written by Joshua

I’ve written here in the past about my enjoyment of the older WMS games, which are slowly becoming a rarer commodity, but some players keep the spirit alive through slot channels.

One of my favorites is Slotman777, another New Englander like myself who continues to give these machines a lot of love, and sharing some of his success on them. We chat periodically online and I love his passion for the games and the potentially massive outcomes that can come from them. He has a particular passion for the G+ Deluxe series, and certain games within them.

Here is an example of a video on Napoleon and Josephine, where he got started with $40 on one machine, had some luck, and moved to another with another $40 and the luck continued.

Napoleon and Josephine pays left to right and right to left for the top symbols, but it doesn’t really matter which direction it pays you once you get a full screen of the top Napoleon symbol on a $1.60 bet, which leads to $30 a line, which with 40 lines is exactly $1,200 for a jackpot handpay. Throughout this video he’s betting $2 or less, which goes to show you the potential of this game.

One thing I like about his play is he can show both sides of the coin; the video ends with an example of a dud bonus. These G+ Deluxe games are generally quite volatile, and can pay 0 bonuses in the worst case scenarios.

His bread and butter, however, is King of Africa and Mystical Unicorn, effectively a clone pair of machines, which have the same 5×4 reel set and the ability to get a massive pay on a full screen.

He starts playing Mystical Unicorn on this example video at 1:06, and the full screen comes in on the second bonus. With these games, you’re paid 500x your wager if you manage the full screen, so on a 60 cent bet that yielded a very nice $300 win.

Here’s another example, this time on the King of Africa version, and an 80 cent bet (he’s playing 40 lines now vs. 30 on the other video) yields a $400 win with that same 500x payout.

One thing that’s great about his channel is the bets are quite accessible – as you can see by the two examples above, he’s winning on bets under $1, just showing what’s possible even on lower bets.

His channel is hyper focused on games in this series, and features others like Pirate Ship and Vampire’s Embrace. If you liked those old school games like I do, you’ll find a lot to like on his channel.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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