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Slot Moments: The Slot Cats Handpay on Wager Saver

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Written by Joshua

Slot channels post videos all the time, and they can help players get a feel for a game before hitting the casino. Every once in awhile a rare circumstance jumps out that makes for engaging watching.

Some channels have better luck for this than others. The Slot Cats is an example of a channel that every six months to a year, they end up with an insanely good situation that leads to a beautiful outcome. Heidi and Fred seem to have exceptional luck at exceptional moments.

Perhaps their first is this clip, which they were betting $8.80 on the game Reel Riches: High Class and nearly ran out of money, so they decided to give the Wager Saver a shot. Their success on the Wager Saver led to one heck of a last spin. That moment starts at 8:20 on this video:

As you can see, the odds of what happens are so small, but yet they managed to pull off an incredibly big win. It also shows that it’s not truly over until its over, especially when the Wager Saver comes into play.

They’ve got other amazing moments on their channel from their time playing, and are now based in the Las Vegas area, so more great moments will likely be coming in time, but this was one of the videos that put their channel on the map.

Are there moments you love from a favorite YouTuber? Share them in the comments below and you might see it featured here on an upcoming Slot Moments post!

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