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Plaza Launches First Special Edition Silver Strike

Plaza 50 Years Silver Strike
Written by Joshua

One of the fun parts about Silver Strike slot machines is that casinos will sometimes issue special edition strikes to commemorate a moment. The Plaza has had the machines for about a year now, and they’ve just introduced their first special edition strike.

The strike commemorates their 50th anniversary, and comes in a blue tinted container instead of the standard clear ones. It’s still a $10 strike, so in that way it has the same value as any other strike from a cashier’s perspective as any of the other strikes in the machine.

However, for collectors, these special edition ones can be the ones to chase, as there will generally be only availability for a limited period of time, and there won’t be as many of them produced.

In recent years Silver Strike machines have had a bit of a resurgence, thanks to their popularity at casinos like the Four Queens, which by far has the largest population of Silver Strike machines. But last year both the Plaza in Las Vegas and Coushatta in Louisiana added machines, meaning there’s three downtown casinos with Silver Strike machines now, along with one in New Mexico and one in Louisiana.

There are communities that trade and sell Silver Strikes from different eras, and eBay is full of Silver Strikes available for purchase as well, so if you’re looking for a fun casino collecting hobby, this is certainly an option, with the added benefit that many of the Silver Strikes (mostly the earlier ones) have enough silver to actually grow in value over time with the price of silver.

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