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Slot Moments: Top Line Hit Win on Double Easy Money

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Written by Joshua

I’ve been giving the mechanical reel slots more attention over the past year or two, and the straightforward nature of these games is part of the reason why. Another part is the fact that in many cases it seems easier to get a top payout, in part because the top payouts aren’t so astronomical compared to the bet.

Take a game like Double Easy Money. A three credit bet could yield a 5000 credit line hit, which is good for 1,666x your win. Compared to games with a $10k grand, the odds of winning are going to likely be better, as the top prize is smaller compared to the bet size.

That’s exactly what happened to Brian Christopher, playing Double Easy Money in this video starting at 33:17.

Compared to Easy Money, there’s some additional things going on, such as a bigger top prize for getting all three multipliers (which also sees a 3x subbing for the 2x on the middle reel), and a multiplier in the top box bonus if you get three bonus symbols.

Given those changes, this game will certainly be tougher overall than the original, not unusual for slot machine sequels. But the same general baseline is the same. On the single line version, you bet three credits, and if you get the bonus symbol on the last reel, you trigger the bonus and get up to four offers, which you can accept or pass. The game will tell you if the offer you got is mathematically worth taking.

It didn’t take too long for Brian to get a top glass bonus for the offers, but came up short. Fortunately, things improved from there, and quickly. He turned off the camera, and before too long he managed the top line hit possible on the game, 5000 credits on a $2 denomination, meaning a $10,000 win on a $6 bet.

The amazing thing is even if this was a quarter denomination machine, it’d still be a handpay, just showing what can be possible!

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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