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Offer-Based Bonus Rounds: Playing With the Odds

Easy Money Best Play Try Again
Written by Joshua

There are a variety of games that use an offer-driven bonus round. These bonuses allow you to either accept the offer, or try again for another bonus.

These games are most frequently produced by Barcrest, with a lot of the classic historic games released by IGT, and a more modern set released by WMS/Scientific Games. Examples of these games include:

  • Top Dollar family (Double Top Dollar, etc.)
  • Easy Money family (Double Easy Money, etc.)
  • Shark Raving Mad
  • King Cash

If you’re not as familiar with these games and the odds of getting various offers, you might find yourself wondering what the best option will be. If you pay close enough attention to the machine, it will tell you.

On each of these machines, somewhere on them, they will list a “Best Option” or “Best Play” scenario that is mathematically the right choice. “Try Again” means you have a mathematically better chance of improving your offer, where as “Take Offer” means mathematically you are more likely to get a worse offer.

Of course, these are just the calculated odds. We’re gamblers, and we might swing for the fences even though the game advises against it, but if you’re ever wondering how to know when to stop based on the odds, aside from learning the specifics of the game, you can simply hunt for the “Best Option” or “Best Play” indicator on the screen.

Watch and Learn

King Jason Slots gets a first spin bonus and an offer he’s supposed to accept. What happens when he passes it up? Double Top Dollar session starts at 20:44:

Brian Christopher took an offer when the game said to play on with Easy Money, starting at 8:30:

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