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Slot Moments: Two Massive Slot Jackpots for All Casino Action

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Written by Joshua

Regular views of All Casino Action in recent months know that the main host nowadays, Victor, primarily plays table games, and often talks about “Victor Luck,” his propensity (as he describes it) to skew way into negative variance, losing way more than the normal.

Despite the larger focus on table games, there’s still the occasional slot content. And some of that content has been insane.

Recently, it seems like that Victor Luck is swinging the other way in a massive way. G2E week saw him get on a heater that he’s been continuing. The Friday of G2E week I went down to El Cortez to meet a friend, and while there caught a bit of his playing Blackjack live, and he had a winning session.

Shortly after that, as he was just getting underway with the members live stream they do for YouTube channel memberships each Friday, he won a drawing at El Cortez for a couple hundred dollars. It seemed like it was a good night or him. But I missed this part of it live, as I had left by then – a Grand Jackpot live caught on Eureka Reel Blast:

To be Grand eligible you need to fill all 15 reel spaces with dynamite, and then the spinner has to actually come to a stop on the grand. He managed both, during a live stream! And he managed it on a $5 bet, yielding almost a 4,000x win with the $19,198.83 Grand jackpot progressive!

But yet that wasn’t even his biggest slot win in recent weeks. While filming at Circa, he was playing Wonder 4 Gold Boost, and got a regular Buffalo Gold bonus.

He managed to boost his way to Super Free Games, and then to Extreme Games. He managed to get retriggers. And he managed to get all 15 gold heads, and then still retriggered once more, giving about 10 games with 15 heads in play. The result, on a $10 bet, was astronomical:

This one was just a mere 1,831x his bet! (Just kidding, that’s massive at any bet level.) But it’s a bit of a unicorn of this type of game, and another great reminder of how insane these games can be.

The Slot Moments series selects videos that can show the real potential of a slot machine game. Do you have a moment that stands out for you? Share in the comments and it may be featured in a future edition!

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