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Slot Vocabulary: Hot and Cold Slots

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Written by Joshua

Hot and cold slots have a link to the previously defined Loose and TIght Slots here on the site. However, I more commonly see players talk about loose/tight in relation to a casino as a whole, where Hot and Cold Slots tend to be based on the action of a single machine. Ultimately the concept for both terms is identical, they just tend to be used in different scenarios more often than not.

As you can figure by the name, a Hot Slot is one that’s been active as of late and paying well, while a Cold Slot is one that hasn’t paid out recently and is going through a dry run.

The thing about all of these definitions is they are an indicator of previous performance. And Vegas-style (Class III) slots don’t have a memory of the past as the next spin takes place when it comes to wins and losses.

Hot and Cold streaks, like a Roulette recent numbers board, simply give you an indication of the play that just took place, but can’t help you for that next spin.

A Hot Slot can stay hot, go cold, or somewhere in between, and a Cold Slot can do the exact same – because the future spins are determined the moment you hit that spin button.

The one asterisk to all this is persistent state games can occasionally given an indication of what is to come, but some games are more clear (and guaranteed) than others, and is more the exception than the rule. Games with spin cycles may have a clear outcome arriving within a certain number of spins, or bonus accumulators may be building, indicating an eventual payoff, but even then it rarely guarantees something popping up on the next spin.

If you’re looking for slots that have a better chance at winning, there’s a few resources on here, such as understanding payback percentages as it pertains to denominations, as well as how and when casinos may market “loose slots” as a draw for players seeking their best chances. But if you’re continuing on with a slot because it’s recently been hot and you think it’ll keep going, or maybe conversely a slot has been cold and therefore you think it’s due to pay, please remember that past results do not predict future outcomes, and just have fun.

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