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Slot Vocabulary: Scripted Bonus

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Written by Joshua

In the slot industry, sometimes terms that the insiders use may differ from ones players use. One I’ve heard before, but haven’t really used myself here, is the concept of a “scripted bonus.”

We as players know what one is, but we often use a different term: Predetermined bonus.

When it comes to bonuses or features, they can be independent events, such as free spins that hit the RNG or what is sometimes dubbed a “true pick” bonus, where your picks are actual picks out of a set of possible outcomes.

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The flip side to that is the concept of the scripted bonus – they know where you’re headed and will end up, and how.

The reason the term scripted bonus may actually be more appropriate is pretty simple – sometimes the types of things going on can get more complex than just touch a few things on the screen and win the Mini progressive. Scripted bonuses can allow more complex and interesting things to happen in a bonus without creating a bonus that’s too long in time (after all, time in a bonus is time away from wagers).

Scripted bonuses can also ensure resolution with, for example, a lot less picks. Imagine a picking screen where you had to balance out the mini winning much more often than the grand – there could be a lot more picks involved, and indeed I’ve shared examples of this in a true pick slot with Rising Panda/Guardian.

In the end, whether a bonus is scripted or true to the RNG/pick doesn’t change the game’s long term payback – it’s designed how it’s designed for a reason. And while players may want to feel the control, others may be relieved that their choices didn’t negatively impact their bonus since it was already out of their hands.

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