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Slots vs. Video Poker and Debunking Myths at US Casino Advantage

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Written by Joshua

I love the work John and Kristina Mehaffey do over at the Advantage family of websites. I’ve shared a few examples of great Vegas Advantage content, such as the true cost of table games rule changes. Today, I want to return to a sister site, US Casino Advantage, which had two articles recently I recommend looking over.

Slots vs. Video Poker

One examines the differences of slots vs. video poker. In my conversations with The Jackpot Gents, they’ve many times brought up you can lower your speed of losses by playing video poker, which has a lower house advantage. But Video Poker is also a game of skill, in that knowing the best way to play a particular hand has a direct contribution to your overall expected payback.

John gets into a lot more examples of how the two differ, from the denominations offered to the speed of play to even the randomness of a reel and how often symbols come up vs. a deck of cards.

For those who wonder how the two games really differ, despite their regular presence side by side on many a casino floor, this piece gets into a great amount of detail.

Debunking Gambler’s Fallacies and Superstitions

The second piece is a topic near and dear to my heart given the regular myth debunking I like to do around here. But as John covers a lot of table games and video poker, he casts a wider net with his myth busting items.

For instance, does video poker payback change on certain days? (No) Did you really take the dealer’s bust card in Blackjack? (Perhaps that hand, but you could have just as easily taken a card that the dealer needed to make their hand.)

For those who like to better understand what’s really going on, myth busting articles help illustrate the fallacy and what’s truly going on. John’s got some great notes throughout the article and it’s well worth a read.

Content has slowed on the sites in recent weeks; I suspect that it’s because they’re finalizing their fall table games survey for Las Vegas, which should be coming out soon. Keep an eye out at Vegas Advantage for the release of that, which is quite affordably priced and can help you know where to play with a lower house edge due to better table game rules.

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