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The Slot Machine Replay: How and Why it Exists

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Written by Joshua

Every so often a video pops up on a social media site like Facebook which shows something on the screen talking about an audit or a replay. I see some confused about this, or calling it fake or a scam. Well, today we’ll go over why it’s not a scam and what it’s for.

But first, a bit of a reminder for those who missed my earlier post around things like power outages. Slots are very sophisticated machines, with fail safes and back-ups and audit trails. So much is done to ensure a game is able to be trusted, and one of those ways is being able to replay a spin or bonus back.

Part of this is practical – if a massive win is won, the casino will sometimes want to play it back to see the machine indeed recorded that win, and how it occurred. For players, this can sometimes be initiated to allow a player to record what happened, on their phone, since they may have been caught off guard by the situation the first time it happened.

Part of this is simply part of the way slots work to ensure everyone is satisfied that things are working as expected. Just like a bonus can pick back up after a power outage because the slot kept track of each step along the way, similarly on a game like Lightning Link where you keep tapping the button, landing the balls, etc., for a pretty complex bonus round, the machine keeps track of exactly what happens at each spin/step.

Effectively this gives both the player and the casino something to refer to if there’s a question about what happened, if a player believes they were not paid what they should have been, and so on. And in happier scenarios, it lets everyone see just how a massive win was accomplished.

Slots record all sorts of information – we know this from the various looks we’ve seen over the years as to what’s happening under the hood. But the audit/replay is something that doesn’t seem to come up as often, but is there as another way to verify what has happened.

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