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Thoughts After Playing Everi’s Cashnado Slot Machine

Cashnado by Everi topper and progressives
Written by Joshua

Last fall, I shared from G2E that Everi was leaning into the frenzy mode with many of their new games. One of the most flashy and interesting was Cashnado, a game that played up the insanity just a bit with some loud colors, a community frenzy mode and the use of an 80s hit by Dead or Alive, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” quite apropos given the tornado theme of the game.

I’ve seen the game pop up quickly in quite a few casinos, so I’ve had some time on the game and had some thoughts to share, particularly the frenzy mode, which I got quite a few cycles on during my sessions.

Cashnado by Everi bet panel

First off though, a quick review of the basics. The game has 60 credit bet increments on the penny denomination, although it’s a multi-denomination machine. The game is an all ways pays format.

Cashnado by Everi double key

The game features money symbols with locks, that can be unlocked with a key on reels 1 and 5, or doubled if a key appears on both reels 1 and 5. My first sessions with the game I didn’t get the keys once, but they came out regularly for me on subsequent sessions, and I got a couple of double key moments.

Cashnado by Everi cashnado alert active

The frenzy mode is a community one that runs for about 2:30, although I’ve seen the clock occasionally pause when the feature, known as the Cash Grab bonus, appears (with a warning sign symbol on reel 5).

Cashnado by Everi cash grab bonus

This seemingly predetermined bonus reminds me of IT’s similar bonus on some of their money-themed games. When you tap on the money you get either a credit prize or more games until you run out of picks.

Cashnado by Everi cash grab bonus outcome

The picks routinely end up at a round number like 700 or 2100, hence my thinking it’s predetermined, so I just tried to race through it as fast as possible to get back to the reels to try to get another one.

It doesn’t make the frenzy mode any less fun, and there were multiple sessions where they came out a number of times for me in quick succession. There was also at least one try where I barely got one in right at the end.

There’s also a free games bonus, but despite multiple tries on the game I didn’t see it once, so it’s probably the hardest bonus to get given the relative frequency of the keys and the Cash Grab bonuses. One free game mode features more keys, and another features taller reels.

The only thing that’s a bummer about this game has nothing to do with Everi and everything to do with operators – the first time I found this game, at Delaware Park in December, the games were muted, which makes the game a lot less fun.

Cashnado Slot Machine Videos

VegasLowRoller played Cashnado when it was added at the Cosmopolitan, and he got the Cash Grab bonus as well as the free spins on the Flash Fire version, which features more keys for a better chance at unlocking prizes:

Diana Evoni also gave it a go in one of her videos:

And finally, The Slot Cats gave the game a go starting at 3:14 in this video:

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