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Tier Matching with Mlife: East Coasters Win

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Written by Joshua

Having previously covered Caesars Rewards’ nationwide Diamond tier matching program, many wonder what Mlife/MGM offer. Do they have a similar nationwide program?

Unfortunately, they don’t. In their largest market of Las Vegas, there’s nothing official on the board at all. There have been occasional reports that people have been able to get a one-off match accomplished, but it’s anything but guaranteed.

That said, if you head to the East Coast, particularly Atlantic City or Springfield, Mass., there are opportunities to have your tier matched. Since it’s a casino-by-casino scenario, they handle each a bit differently, including who they’ll match and what you get.

Borgata: More Generous

Borgata’s program has been around for some time, and we previously mentioned it in our round-up of Atlantic City casino tier matching. The Borgata tier match lasts a minimum of one full year, so if you match mid year, you’ll get another full year after that, unlike the Caesars tier match which must be renewed within the match year or else you lose it the following year.

They also provide additional perks, such as $100 match play or free play, and a free stay, and access to the Amphora lounge for a low entry cost. Buffet can be accessed cheaply too – $12.50 for you and a guest per visit.

[UPDATE 7/17/20:] A reader noted in the comments the throw-ins such as match play/free play only goes to new cardholders; if you have a Borgata card you can still tier match but don’t get the extras.

Their tier matching options are limited to competitors in Atlantic City, however. Anyone hoping to take high-end players cards from markets like Las Vegas and match at Borgata will be disappointed. But if you have Caesars Rewards Diamond level, you can match, and there’s plenty of ways to get it.

MGM Springfield: Straight Match

MGM Springfield has also been offering a tier matching program pretty much the entirety of the time they’ve been open. They recently took down the signage at the property when you came in the parking garage, and that made me think it had ended, but I found new references to it on their website recently, indicating it doesn’t seem to have ended just yet.

Springfield only offers a match – no extra bonuses or throw-ins. But they will tier match a broader array of properties, including Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in CT, and the other Massachusetts casino with a full tiering program, Plainridge Park. I was able to take my Caesars Rewards Diamond card and match it, and because I matched at the beginning of the 2018-19 tier year, I have Gold through September of 2020, as they also give you a minimum of one full year with the match.

Timing Matters

As referenced above, you get a full year, plus a completion of the year that is in progress. So matching earlier in the tier year (October-December) will get you more time with the tier. The tier bonuses include:

  • A 20% bonus on points earned while playing slots, both base points (which yield tier credits) and Pointplay. (Pointplay can be used either as comps or freeplay.)
  • A 20% bonus on Express comps, which is straight comp dollars to be used largely for meals/food, but certain shopping and experiences are included.
  • Comps last a year vs. six months on Sapphire level
  • Line-cutting privileges in many locations.
  • Discounts at certain shops.

And since you don’t have to worry about renewing until the full year portion of your tier match, you can enjoy the perks longer without some of the pressures.

Renew in Vegas, if You Can

One thing to note is that when you’re in Las Vegas, you earn tier credits 10 times faster than on the East Coast. So if you’re looking to get yourself renewed, you may wish to get a visit or two in Vegas to speed up the tier earning. That’s because you get 10 tier credits per base point in Las Vegas, but only one tier credit per base point at Borgata and MGM Springfield. You do tend to earn comps at a higher rate, though, which may be valuable to some.

Have you tier matched at an Mlife property? Share your experiences in the comments!

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