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Understanding Comps: Hotel Room Benefits

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Written by Joshua

I write a lot about here on comps, and regularly remind that you should (almost) always use your players card. A large reason for this is the ability to qualify for casino comps, which can include free play, food credit and, for the purposes of this post, hotel rooms.

If you are going to gamble at a casino, a casino will evaluate your play and offer you comps for a future visit. When it comes to hotel rooms, this can be a big area of opportunity for players, as hotel rooms aren’t always inexpensive, and many times can be accompanied by resort fees.

So here’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes to hotel room comps and how to maximize your benefit.

Not All Hotel Rooms Are Created Equal

When it comes to hotel rooms, not all rooms are created equal. This is especially the case in larger markets like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, where there’s more competition and rooms at a variety of different levels.

Why does this matter? Where you gamble will determine where your comps exist. If you are a lower limit gambler playing at the Wynn, it may be difficult to get comped rooms. But if you are playing at Harrah’s or Luxor, the odds are going to be better for a room comp because the casino doesn’t value them as expensively, so they are willing to comp them at a lower level of play.

Now, you’re not going to get a Wynn room at either of those properties, but it could very well save you a good amount of money vs. paying out of pocket for a room. That money could go to other experiences – meals, museums, rides like the zip lines – or even giving yourself a bit more money for your gambling budget.

So aiming for comps at a property that matches your budget is a good first step. As an added bonus, some, but not all, properties will comp your resort fees on a comped room too. Others will only comp it at higher level status.

Can’t Get Comped? Discounts Help

Of course, some players simply gamble at a level where comps may not always be possible. But even then, discounted rooms will be available, and that can still save you money.

I have never gambled at the Wynn at a level where they’ve offered me comped rooms, but I get offers with discounted room rates, resort credit and free play. Even though the room is not completely free, it still gives me something that I would not get having not played with a card, and can be used to reduce my overall spending, freeing up money for other things.

So if you do want to stay at a nicer property even though your gambling budget is unlikely to get it comped, getting a discount can still help.

Weekdays vs. Weekends and Special Events

Timing can be everything. Casinos and their accompanying hotels are often times busier on the weekends. But not all weekends are created equal. And so being selective on your timing can mean you’ll get a better rate, or even a comped room.

At my home casinos, weekends are often harder to get than weekends, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a comped weekend – I just need to be comfortable going on a weekend they offer me. Or, if I’m willing to stay on weeknights, there’s a lot more availability open to me. This is not unusual for many players.

In larger markets like Las Vegas, if some major event is taking place that draws higher than average crowds, you might find it more difficult to get a comped or inexpensive room than during quieter periods. But on a hotel by hotel basis sometimes there’s variability as well, so if you’ve got play with a company that has multiple casinos, you can also check through the list to see if one happens to be available.

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