Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas: Expansive, Luxurious Casino

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Written by Joshua

The very first time I ever visited Las Vegas, I explored the Venetian/Palazzo property and managed to get turned around and lost in the shops. This happened the next couple of visits too. It’s a massive, beautiful property, but not necessarily the easiest to navigate if you’re new.

In more recent trips, including my recent Global Gaming Expo trip, I’ve finally gained my bearings and know how to get between the Venetian and Palazzo sides, and have come to appreciate the amenities the property has to offer. I finally signed up for a Grazie card in fall of 2022 and have offers to stay in the future, so I will definitely take advantage of the chance to stay on property.

But for now, here’s a general overview of the property, along with a number of observations I’ve made over time.

Casino Floor

Venetian/Palazzo is similar to Wynn/Encore in that there are two distinct areas of casino space, each of which have slot machines, video poker/keno machines and table games. There’s a high limit room on each side as well.

The slots run the gamut between new and old, high denomination and low denomination. It’s a well curated mix with a lot of variety given the space they have.

Table games minimums are on the higher side, not surprising for a luxury-focused destination, but they’re also the originator of the 000 Roulette format, so you should pay attention as to whether it’s a good gamble for you or not.

Video Poker tables aren’t great; you can definitely find better, unless you’re comfortable doing $50 a hand or more, in which you can find pay tables above 99 percent.

Hotel Rooms

Venetian king bed suite

Venetian and Palazzo are well known for having exceptionally nice rooms, and with them starting out at 650 square feet, you’re getting a room bigger than a standard room even at spacious properties like the Wynn.

The rooms have a separate living room area that are positioned at the window, similar to what I saw at Caesars Palace, and a layout of which I very much enjoy. This can help make better use of the window space during the day, vs. having the bed closest to the windows like at Cosmopolitan (although there you at least still have a balcony to leverage).

A recently announced renovation, said to be $1 billion in scope, will see room upgrades, but I expect like Wynn they’ll go from strength to strength.

Grazie Rewards Players Club

The Venetian and Palazzo have their own rewards program, Grazie Rewards. It has multiple tiers, with tier credit earnings driven by theoretical loss on slots and table games, as well as non-gaming spending. In an interesting twist, while you earn Grazie Reward Points at the same pace as tier credits, they become more valuable as you tier up.

They have a new member rewards program that’s play to earn, and give increasingly bigger prizes (proportionally, it should be noted) based on your initial play. You can earn resort credit or free play, with free play being awarded at 2x the rate as resort credit if you pick it.

During my first time with a card, I earned about 1,600 points, enough to begin getting 2-4 night offers with free play from them, which didn’t seem all that hard to accomplish for my play level, which was a refreshing surprise.

Other Observations

Gondola rides inside Grand Canal Shoppes

Along with a pretty healthy amount of eating options around the casino areas of Venetian and Palazzo, the Grand Canal Shoppes on the second floor has a bunch of other options – you’re not going to be wanting of options for places to eat.

The shopping area comes complete with gondola ride opportunities and a replica of St. Mark’s Square. Having visited Venice when I was in high school, I could see the resemblance through the hazy filter of decades since my visit, and it was certainly cool to check out.

The shopping itself is also pretty massive, with quite a few shops available. There’s a good variety and will have something for just about everyone, although I doubt it will surprise anyone for me to state that it leans more high end.

And if gondola rides interests you but you want a more outdoors experience, the entrance area to Venetian features gondola rides as well. The property is immaculately themed and new ownership promise to maintain the theming.

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